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Vitiligo in a Man of 42

Written by Sameer Pookkayil

Dr.Sameer Pookkayil presented a case of Vitiligo in a Man of 42

Patient’s Report for Live Cases

  1. Case number: 1153K (NEW PATIENT) Date: 20/12/2009
  2. Initials of patient: K
  3. Gender of patient: Male
  4. Age of patient: 42
  5. Height of patient: 5’4
  6. Weight of patient: 58 Kgs
  7. Personal circumstances: Married with one child.
  8. Laboratory tests: None
  9. Diagnosis: VITILIGO
  10. Conventional medical prescriptions: Melanocyl topical solution with UV light (sunlight) exposure
  11. Main complaints including the following information: Patient with a markedly visible milky white spot on the left lower part of the jaw for past 10 years. It was small in size and remained static for the past 7 years. However, despite various treatments, it increased in size rapidly over the last three years. Hence, he contacted me for homeopathic treatment. He also reported the gradual appearance of a new spot on the right side of the jaw during the aforementioned period.

He spoke little during the case taking session but his few statements that struck me were:

  1. Origin of the complaint (since when it appeared): Complaint started 10 years back. Though the complaint has a long history, he started allopathic treatment only when it began aggravating 3 years back. The initial 8 months of allopathic treatment was promising, as it arrested the aggravation. However an aggravation later with spreading of lesions to the other side made the patient feel doomed and further disappointed.
  2. Possible causative factor: Firstly, he could become a father only after 5 years of his married life. In addition to that, he tried 10 years for a second child but in vain. That has ended in disappointment, worry, hopelessness and ultimately in grief.
  3. Modalities: Nil
  4. Time of occurrence, aggravation or amelioration: Not known by patient.
  5. Side of the body: Prominent on Left side, minimal on Right side.
  6. Frequency of appearance: Gradual
  7. Description of pain: Not applicable
  8. Extension of complaints to other parts: a very small spot on his left thumb.
  9. Other complaints including the information listed above for each complaint if possible to obtain: Nil
  10. Physical generals:
  11. Reactions to temperature, climate and warm-bloodedness or cold- bloodedness of the patient: Patient is hot and he always feels heat internally. As he is an open taxi driver, he feels the hot, sunny summer, the most troublesome.
  12. Sleeping habits (position, quality of sleep, dreams): He prefers to sleep on his abdomen, though it is not a constant and not so marked to consider it as a symptom. During childhood, he had very restless sleep which has improved markedly in the recent past. He generally dreams of wild animals, like Snakes and Elephants which also keeps a pace with his general fondness for watching elephants during his native festival season in Kerala, India.
  13. Food modalities (desires, aversions, aggravations or ameliorations): He loves groundnut and fruits. He hates vegetables. According to him, vegetables are contaminated with pesticides and insecticides.
  14. Menstruation (complaints, course, quality etc.): Not applicable.
  15. Mental and emotional symptoms:

Observation: He is a quiet person who talks minimally. His memory is very active. His conversation revealed a suspicious nature as he always washes vegetables before cooking, more than required, thinking  “It’s possibly contaminated with poison.”

His version: He loves everyone. He also made a statement that being a driver, he is constantly mingling with many people including Vitiligo patients, hence if he gets cured, he will refer others with similar suffering to me.

Wife’s version of him: He is too affectionate, to the extent that, during the time of near one’s family visits he takes leave on that day (It is unusual in Kerala). She feels he has a lazy nature too.

  1. Personal medical history:
  2. Vaccinations: Took vaccinations up to 2 years, without any distress.
  3. Traumas (physical emotional, mental): Mental grief during the period he tried for a child.
  4. Acute infectious diseases: Common Cold during weather change
  5. Familial medical history (diseases that occurred in the family): Father, a chronic smoker with hypertension and diabetes mellitus, died of lung cancer. Mother had hypertension. Maternal and paternal side diseases were not well known to the patient.
  6. Free text: Nil
  7. Notes of the doctor: The patient’s basic nature is affectionate in character. His early life revealed him as a talkative person till he encountered  serious issues in his life.  Presently he has a quiet disposition and suffers from grief. Suspicious nature confirmed from his description. The statement “as it aggravated, I fear it will spread all over the body” revealed his careless nature, otherwise he would have opted to start treatment the moment when the disease first commenced.

Remedy prescribed was Hyoscyamus 200/1 dose

         Rubrics Selected and Reason for Selection:

  • Mind: “I will arrange to send more patients suffering from vitiligo, if you cure me” – INCITING
  • Mind: His talks revealed a suspicious nature as he always washes vegetables before cooking more than required, in thinking it’s possible they are contaminated with poison. -FEAR OF BEING POISONED
  • Mind: Long continued stress to have baby- AILMENTS FROM GRIEF
  • Hot/Thirsty

Line of treatment – First to arrest the progress of disease then to extinguish it completely from the physical plane and mental plane.  The patient visited me at an interval of every 14 days. He started to get a positive progression after 5 months of treatment. Within 3 years of treatment the remedy was repeated 10 times with 200th potency and at last Hyoscyamus Niger- 1 M/  1 dose was given to seal into a complete cure both physically and mentally.  His mental symptoms remarkably changed, such that his suspicious nature about the vegetables went away. Also his laziness changed and he became industrious. Now he is living with his family, referring many cases of vitiligo, as he promised me.

About the author

Sameer Pookkayil

Dr Sameer Pookkayil - BHMS, is the Director and Chief Physician at ‘Pookkayil’s Homeopathy’ a chain of 5 clinics, with 12 staff and more than 25 students. He is from Malappuram, Kerala, India and has been practicing classical homeopathy for the past 11 years. He was honored by the Education Minister of the state for serving society, delivering lectures to doctors through state level seminars and global expansion of homeopathy. He received a token of appreciation from Dr. George Vithoulkas amidst the 2017 lectures when in Greece, for the astonishing cures he had manged. Dr. Pookkaylil was motivated from his youth to transpose his clinic to a Multispecialty Hospital, due to the sheer need in the society.

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