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Vitiligo in a Man of 76

Written by Lipika Chakraborty

Dr. Lipika Chakraborty shares a case of vitiligo in a man of 76. Itching aggravated by warmth, a history of suppression and a history of chronic alcoholism were among the symptoms leading to the simillimum.

Abstract : This article presents a case of vitiligo followed for more than a year. Through this case we are able to appreciate the importance of the homoeopathic simillimum which gives permanent cure without any medicinal adverse effects.

Keyword: Homoeopathy, Vitiligo, Chronic disease, Sulphur


A 67-year old male patient reported to me on 03/11/19 complaining of a skin problem which started with red dot eruptions followed by itching, burning and development of white patches below the knee joints on both the legs. Aggravation on going to bed at night. Amel on application of cold water.

Acidity, hotness of whole body

Burning in the abdomen

Amel- cold water,12.00am

Aggr- 08.00pm

The complaints started 18 months ago and he was taking allopathic treatment which gave temporary relief.  The last 6 months his skin complaints were not responding to topical steroid ointments and oral medication. In addition, he experiences weakness and giddiness and was not able to do his routine work. He  developed permanent white spots on the affected area which were diagnosed as vitiligo by a dermatologist.

Patient as a Person:
The patient is the youngest of 4 siblings, two elder brothers and one elder sister. He lost his mother when he was10 years old. He was an average student. He married at the age of 40.

Mental symptoms:

By nature he is extremely irritable, but can’t express his anger. He had a shock due to death of his young daughter for which he is still very sad. He prefers the company of friends but get offended easily. He is expressive by nature. Aggravation from contradiction, consolation and when someone doesn’t listen to him. Obstinate in nature.

Past history:  Epileptic fits 20 years back from high grade fever and convulsions (meningeal fever – malaria). Recurrent fevers, kidney stone

Family History:

Elder Brother – Epilepsy

Elder Brother – Psoriasis

Elder Sister – Epilepsy

Mother- died of meningitis

Father – Ca Throat

Physical Generals:

Appetite: Good

Desire – sweets, hot food

Aversion: pungent

Thirst: 3-4 glasses a day

Bowels: regular, constipated

Sleep: Late to fall asleep

Perspiration- profuse, offensive, stains linen yellow

Habit: Frequent tea addiction.

Sun: intolerable

Warm blooded patient

Physical examination:

Temperature – 97 F

Pulse – 78/mins

Bp – 130/80

Rr : 14/min

Height -153 cm

Weight – 46 kg

General build – lean, weak, cachectic

Sp02 :- 96%

Provisional Diagnosis: hypo-pigmentation/ vitiligo

White patches below the knee joints on both legs.

H/O  skin  eruptions – red – itching – bleeding- discoloration – whitish aggr at night.

H/o – Abuse of medication.

H/o – Suppressed skin disease

Acidity, hotness of whole body

Burning in the abdomen

Amel- cold water,12.00am

Aggr- 08.00pm

Appearance- lean, thin, weak, stooping shoulder, cachectic person
Thirsty – prefers cold water

Bowels Constipated

Dreams-  fearful dreams but doesn’t remember

Perspiration is profuse on slight exertion with offensive smell and it stains linen yellow.

Mentally irritable, but can’t express his anger, obstinate

Shock due to death of his daughter

Prefers the company

Expressive by nature

Contradiction aggravation

Consolation- aggravation,


2 MIND – ANGER – contradiction; from
4 MIND – HURRY, haste – movements, in – involuntary hurry in movements
5 MIND – HYPOCHONDRIASIS – eruption; after suppression of
6 GENERALS – FOOD and DRINKS – sweets – desire
7 GENERALS – MEDICINE – allopathic – abuse of
8 GENERALS – FOOD and DRINKS – beer – desire
9 PERSPIRATION – ODOR – offensive
10 SKIN – DISCOLORATION – white – spots
11 SKIN – ERUPTIONS – suppressed
12 SKIN – ERUPTIONS – warmth – agg. – bed; of


sulph. ars. sep. nux-v. nit-ac. bry. nat-m. graph. merc. lyc.
14/31 11/19 10/26 10/24 10/17 9/19 9/19 9/18 9/17 8/18

Repertorial Sheet:


An antimiasmatic constitutional remedy, Sulphur 200, one dose was given. Sulphur was selected as the patient had itching which was aggravated by warmth and hot weather, a history of suppression (i.e. use of allopathic ointment) and a history of chronic alcoholism.


Sulphur 200 one dose


1 03/12/19 itching stopped, mental irritibility of pt reduced PLACEBO FOR ONE MONTH
2 03/02/20 patient showed improvement in pigmentation PLACEBO FOR TWO MONTHs
3 03/04/20 pigmentation nearly gone, only some dots remained PLACEBO FOR TWO MONTHs
4 03/10/20 there are no white dots in the area anymore PLACEBO FOR SIX MONTHs
5 20/02/21 No white dots for last four months Complete cure PLACEBO FOR FOUR MONTHs

Comments:  The patient’s symptoms and personality fit the remedy Sulphur. A single dose of 200c was allowed to act over time and was curative.

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Lipika Chakraborty

Prof Dr Lipika Chakraborty - Bsc (Biology), DHMS-1997 (West Bengal Council) BHMS (Udaipur University), M.D in Homoeopathic Materia Medica (Udaipur University). Working as Professor in Parul Institute of Homoeopathy & Research Hospital, Ishawarpura, Vadodara – Dept. of Homoeopathic Materia Medica & Deputy Superintendent since 2018. Principal / Medical Superintendent /Professor & HOD in Laxmiben Homoeopathy & Research Centre, Bhandu,- Principal /Professor & HOD in S. S. Agrawal Homoeopathic Medical College. Professor & HOD in Baroda Homoeopathic Medical College, Vadodara. Promoted to Professor & HOD in PG Department of Materia Medica 2017. Principal /Professor & HOD in Sophia Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital Gwalior. Professor and HOD in M S Pathak Homoeopathic Medical College VadodaraIn – Dept. of Homoeopathic Materia Medica.

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