Vitiligo in a Man of 31


Dr. Shashikant Jagadale presents a case of vitiligo in a man of 31.

This patient was a 31year old male who himself was an MBBS Doctor.

Dr. X  (smiling) As you can see, I have this leucoderma problem all over my body. This is since my MBBS college life around 10years ago. I took treatment from my skin specialists friends. It got better for some days but again came back. Then I tried some Ayurvedic medicines from multiple doctors but the same story. The problem keeps coming back and has increased in all these years. After that I took treatment from a famous homoeopathy physician in Mumbai… but there was no improvement. Now I am 31yrs of age but because of this problem I’m unable to marry.

Me:  What is bothering you the most?

Dr. X : As I have marriage issue also there is one more problem. I am doing a job in a pharma company. I could not do practice because of my problem. I had some improvement from allopathy and even ayurveda but at least I could see some improvement. But after doing homoeopathy for around 2 years there was no improvement at all.

Me- So if you don’t believe In homoeopathy why did you come to me for treatment?

I will invest one more year in homoeopathy. Lets see what happens.


Vitiligo—  since 10 yrs

first  appeared on forehead, then  lips, cheeks, chin, inside ears, both hands..even on palmer side, axillae, legs, foot

associated c/o

constipation- no desire for stool   3-4 days

past history

bronchial asthama–  when he was 17.

filariasis (Homeopathy Treatment for Filariasis) –  positive blood test : After repeated fever & chills around  12 th std. (pt is from nagpur)

personal history

app-g.. craves sweets,  thirst-g, urine-n,

thermal- desires cooler  near to his head

sleep- good

build- average.

This case is treated by considering his Mental state (Dr.Sehgal’s  Revolutionized Homoeopathy.)

Rubrics considered were

–          Perseverance

–          Gambling –passion for gambling (because he took a chance on


–          Fastidious (I got this rubric from his nature and from a mutual friend.

–          Doubtful of recovery

–          Hopeful

–          Smiling  ( He was smiling often during case taking. This is unusual in

someone describing an ailment that had so disrupted his life.)

Rx: To start the case, the patient was given Arsenicum album 3X single dose and placebo for 15 days. When first I started treatment with the Arsenicum 3x his constipation aggravated. There were no stools for 7 days (previously he never had such a long gap). As some signs of improvement were seen in the very first follow up i.e. after 15 days, it was repeated twice within the next 40-45 days.  Then gradually I increased the potencies 6, 30, 200 over the next 6-7 months. But as there was very slow improvement, I put the patient directly on LM potencies. Patient received LM potencies from 0/1,0/2,0/3.. up to 0/12 over the period of next 2 yrs.

This case was analysed by considering the present mental state of patient through Dr. Sehgal’s approach, where the meaning of the rubric is understood metaphorically.  Gambling was used as a rubric because gambling means to bet on an uncertain outcome, to take a chance, to risk money or other of your valuables in a game where you are not sure whether you will win or lose.  In this instance the patient is ready to risk one year of his time for homoeopathy.  If he gets better, it’s a jackpot. If he does not it’s a waste of time. This was a crucial time as he is getting too old for marriage.

The rubric “smiling” was included in the repertorization as a morbid state/ expression and not a healthy one. The patient who was sitting in front of me was suffering from vitiligo for the last 10 yrs, and he was narrating every detail of it in a mild way, smiling throughout the conversation.  I have treated many other cases of vitiligo or diseases of similar gravity but seldom did the patient smile while reporting the symptoms. We only have around 30 remedies listed under the rubric “smiling”.

I had gathered some information about this patient from a friend before this patient actually visited my clinic. I was told he is very systematic and who always plans things in advance with attention to detail. He was also kept his room very neat, clean. That led me to use the rubric “fastidious”.

He was given Arsenicum album in various potencies as per the follow up and within 3 years his vitiligo disappeared (photos below). He got married in the next 2 yrs. Now he has a lovely child. In the last two years he left his job and started doing general practice, started studying homoeopathy and has also started practicing homoeopathy.

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About the author

Shashikant Jagadale

Dr. Shashikant Jagadale MD Homoeopathy graduated from Mumbai University in 2001. He completed his post graduation work in 2010 from MUHS (Nashik). He has been practicing in Airoli (Navi Mumbai) for the last sixteen years.


    • Thank you. Patient was given centisimal potencies starting from 6 and gradually increasing higher 30,200 (depending upon the responce) over next 6-7 months. But as the improvement was slow, he was given LM potency starting frm 0/1 ( around 8th month ). Follow up was taken after each 1- 1 1/2 month duration. As after starting LM potencies , there was a speedy imrpovement , potencies were increased every month 0/2, 0/3… upto 0/12 ..over the period of next 2 years.

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