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A Case of Vomiting

Written by Tricia Feijo

Homeopath Tricia Feijo presents a case of vomiting in a 12 year old boy.

A concerned father came to my house Friday, October 9, because his son had been vomiting (Homeopathy Treatment for Vomiting) for almost 2 weeks straight. The boy, 12 years old, had cramps in his abdomen, would vomit and then retch, and had copious diarrhea and a headache that came and went. Doctors tested for mono and appendicitis, and finally called it rotavirus. Nothing they gave the boy helped, and antibiotics given in desperation only made it worse.

Strangely, the boy had an appetite despite nausea, and had great thirst. He drank at least a six-pack of Gatorade a day and continued to eat, but nothing stayed down and he was quickly losing weight and growing weak.

He had no fever, and wore shorts so really wasn’t chilly, but wore a sweatshirt and liked a blanket while lying on the couch or in bed. The cramps would drive him to get up and walk around, then he would vomit, and at times, mess the bathroom with uncontrollable diarrhea. At night he would toss and turn in bed, and get up several times to vomit.

No cause was clear, but when asked what was going on in the boy’s life, the father explained that he had just been awarded an honor for scholastic and athletic achievement, then injured his knee and therefore was out for the entire football season. When the knee improved, he broke his thumb while tossing a football on the sidelines. Dad said his son seemed accepting of the situation, but disappointment over not being able to play with his team may have affected the boy more than they realized. The father repeated the word “cramping” in describing the illness.

I considered the following rubrics:

Abdomen, pain, cramping

Abdomen, pain, paroxysmal

Abdomen, pain, cramping, accompanied by complaints of the stomach

Abdomen, complaints, accompanied by diarrhea

Abdomen, pain, diarrhea, cramping before

Stomach, vomiting, from pain

Stomach, nausea, accompanied by cutting pain in abdomen

Diarrhea, from pain

Head pain, paroxysmal

Ailments from vexation, with silent grief

COLOCYNTHIS 1M was given, diluted in a 4 oz bottle of water, one teaspoon, to be repeated as needed with 8 succussions. That day he had a total of 3 doses.

The following morning, the mother called to say the boy had stopped vomiting. He slept through the night, awoke rested and was no longer irritable or worried about himself . He has been well since.

This acute, so simple for homeopathy, underscores the grievousness of the FDA’s desire to regulate homeopathy as drugs and make our remedies less accessible to lay homeopaths and the public.

Addendum: Kent describes Colocynthis: “Vomiting and diarrhea frequently come with the pains, especially if they are in the abdomen; Colic comes on in paroxysms that grow in intensity; The patient becomes increasingly nauseated till finally he begins to vomit; and he continues to retch after the stomach is empty.Boericke says of Colocynthis, “Often indicated in the transition season when the air is cold, but the sun is still powerful enough to heat the blood.” That describes October weather in Rhode Island, where this patient lives.

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Tricia Feijo

Patricia Feijo is a professional homeopath. She graduated from the New England School of Homeopathy in 1993, trained under several renowned classical homeopaths, and did advanced study through the Renaissance Institute of Classical Homeopathy under Dr. Luc De Schepper. She is the author of Called to Stand, the story of how the federal government shut down Daniel Chapter One, a 30-year healthcare ministry (available at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, or WND Superstore).

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