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Warts in a Girl of 7

Written by Hetal Vasa

Dr. Hetal Vasa treats a girl of seven for warts on the forehead, eyebrows, lips and hands. A remedy from the 5th subclass Rosidae, proved to be the simillimum.

This is the case of a 7 year old girl who presented with warts on her hands and face in June 2017. The girl’s parents had noticed the wart about two weeks before I saw her.

She had warts on back of both hands and also on her fingers. She also had small warts near her eyebrows and around her lips.

I observed that she was very restless; moving here and there in the clinic. She was talking very sweetly and was a happy child, full of life! Her mother said that she was a pampered child and even when she was sick, she didn’t need her parents to be there all the time. She was happy with almost anybody in her big joint family. She liked to play with her cousins and was very sociable by nature.

One thing that was very peculiar about her, was that she didn’t like dark complexioned people and only liked fair people. She didn’t like her maid because she was black and she teased her a lot.

She would even discriminate between gender, the boys and girls while playing. She would make all the girls on sit one side and all the boys sit on another side. She would compare herself with other children, especially if her parents or grandmother would praise them.

She would then ask them, ‘I am also beautiful, no?’ ‘I am also cute, no?’ In that way she would ask for their appreciation and love. After a few trials [thuj, dulc, calc-sulph] I was able to find the right medicine for her and all her warts started decreasing in size and then totally disappeared.

Understanding of the case:

Initially I had given her thuj and dulc without any relief.

Mental symptoms are very important in prescribing and here we cannot ignore that the girl is very restless and exhibits discrimination between fair complexioned and dark-complexioned people and boys and girls.

According to PEM [Personal Evolution Model of Dr Mahesh Gandhi] we can see the split between man-woman, boy-girl, good-bad, fair-dark, so, the remedy must be from the 5th subclass Rosidae. I made a search in the reference works:

I found the rubric Restless Children Warts, face, eyebrow, hand, lips

(21) : 3Rhus-t., 2ars., 2bor., 2lach., anan., aur., carc., fl-ac., kali-br., kali-c., kali-p., lyss., nat-m., nat-s., nit-s-d., ph-ac., phos., psor., samb., sep., sulph.

So, here rhus-t is coming strongly; 3 marks; so, I gave her Rhus-t 30 tid for a week; the warts started to decrease in size. I gave rhus-t 200 bid for a week; the warts further decreased in size; I gave rhus-t 1m od for a week and all her warts gradually shrank in size and disappeared.

I’m still following her as of August 2019 and she’s still doing fine.


Homeopathy & Psychiatry – Personal Evolution Model – The Foundation Book by Dr. Mahesh Ghandi.

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Hetal Vasa

Hetal Vasa, B.H.M.S., is a homeopathic practitioner in Kolhapur, Maharashtra, INDIA. She passed her B.H.M.S. in 2003 and is practicing classical homeopathy there. She is familiar with the Sensation method and applies this approach her cases, but also uses the repertorial method. You can contact her at [email protected]

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