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Watch and Wait – A Case of Depression

Another case to highlight the need to ‘wait and watch’.

At the Allen College of Homoeopathy Clinic, there is a strong watch and wait ethic, which at times can have us students twitching in the chair as we learn to sit on our hands and allow the remedy to do its work at its pace for the best outcome. In our modern society we have a ‘quick fix’ mentality, regardless of the lack of lasting effect, or indeed ‘side effects’.

The following case demonstrates beautifully how the well selected simillimum will work steadily and successfully over a period of months, to bring about stability and balance. It also shows the valuable place of sac lac in homoeopathy, to meet the need of patients who are familiar with and desirous of the conventional mode of repeatedly taking medication. Sac lac will enable the original dose to work without interference, whilst keeping the patient connected to the process.

Case date 14/04/2009

Female aged 26

Presenting complaints

Depression and sadness (for over 10 years, had used anti depressants in the past)


Unpredictable moods/ slow mind, forgetful, confused and lacks emotions


Phobias (fear of dark – afraid to fall asleep)

Patient stated that a severe injustice from her family forced her to leave home at 18 and support herself. She moved to England and regarded her parents as dead. She said she was unloved as a child and overlooked. She feels life has no ‘colour’. She can be sympathetic and compassionate towards others.

Physical energy at present 3 out of 10 (10 as best score)

Mental energy at present 3-4 out of 10

Sleep 4 out of 10

All other generals and modalities were taken and considered in the totality of the case.

Based on the following, Causticum 200 followed by 1M was prescribed.

Ailments from injustice

Stiff and rigid with emotions

Sympathetic person


Pessimistic – sees dark side of everything – no colour

Restless especially at night

At each subsequent follow up (sac Lac)











There was a steady rise in physical and mental energy, the “colour” of life improved and sleep quality and quantity gradually improved. The patient reported more clarity and control over her life and an ability to stand up for herself. She visited her parents and it went well. They now keep in contact with each other. She is more in touch with her emotions now and unpredictable moods were not a problem anymore, nor was the fear of the dark .

Her physical energy was up to 8 out of 10 along with mental energy and overall well being as of the 12/01/2011 update.

The beauty of this case was that the remedy was allowed to work at a pace that did not rush the patient, who had such deep psychological issues, and a balance has been gently and effectively restored.

About the author

Maria Price

Maria Price : I am a fourth year student at the Allen College of Homoeopathy. I have had the privilege of attending the teaching clinic every six weeks and seeing the new patients progress over time to experience a fuller, more integrated experience of their lives and health. My interest began on a trip to India in 2007. I must keep reminding myself that up until then I had never heard of Homoeopathy. It is possible to live in the south east of England for 43 years and never hear of Homoeopathy!


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