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West-Syndrome – A Case of Severe Vaccination Damage and Its Homeopathic Cure

Written by Joachim-F Grätz

Damage often occurs after vaccination and especially affects children with their undeveloped nerve and immune system. The author of this article writes about a case of vaccination damage which was cured with homeopathic treatment.

Translated by Katja Schütt and Dr. Firuzi Mehta

This case of severe vaccination damage is representative for many other injuries from immunization, which often lead to life-long disability. It is meant to encourage affected parents and to demonstrate that even severe vaccination damages, can be alleviated or cured. However, it should be remembered that homeopathy treats each patient individually, and that no sure prognosis about a complete cure (restitutio ad integrum) can be given in advance.


The West-Syndrome is an infantile epileptic encephalopathy, which was first described by the English physician William James West. It is composed of the following triad:

  1. Infantile spasms.

  2. An interictal EEG pattern termed hypsarrhythmia.

  3. Mental retardation, although the diagnosis can be made even if one of the 3 elements is missing (according to the international classification).

The prognosis is mainly determined by the type of encephalopathy underlying the condition, but usually unfavorable.

Nick, 9 months old

Nick was suffering from epileptic seizures for about five months, which were hardly influenced by strong anti-epileptic drugs. He was in a very bad condition when introduced during the first consultation.

Until his fourth month of age Nick had been “a little sunshine”, cheerful and happy. He started speaking quite early, and could also control his head very early – the first important step for postural maturity (development of body erection). Nick even grew 10 cm (4 inches) during the first four weeks.

During one of the check-ups he got the almost mandatory vaccinations against diphtheria, tetanus and polio, which he seemed to tolerate quite well in the beginning. But a few days after the vaccination he got increasingly restless and slept less. The convulsions started on the 15th day after the vaccinations. The first fit started with a nightly piercing cry, that is an evident sign for an encephalopathy. Since then the convulsions appeared very frequently, regularly at the beginning, and at certain times, mainly after waking. His head control vanished completely after being vaccinated.

The convulsions showed varying symptom patterns. Once there was a slight twitching of the shoulders (one-sided or on both sides at times), sometimes accompanied by rolling of the eyes, trembling of eyes, lost head control or raising the left or right arm. Often, the head fell forward (head nodding fits), the arms twitched or got stiff. Sometimes there were only reactions of the pupils or a fixed gaze. The fits appeared at short intervals. At times, Nick was laughing or moaning at the end or after the fits.

The physicians of a famous children’s hospital diagnosed West-Syndrome. That means: BNS convulsions, psychomotor development disturbances and hypsarrhythmia. The EEG was abnormal and severely pathological, “like in severely disabled children”. The neurological examination revealed developmental retardation. Anti-epileptic drugs and barbiturates were prescribed, and nothing further could be done for him.

The homeopathic case anamnesis revealed further symptoms, proving the logic of the case. As Dr. Eichelberger, a well known German homeopathic doctor, said, “A healthy person does not become ill”. The deeper meaning of this sentence, is that a strong miasmatic load of the child, inherited from parents or other relatives, is underlying each disease, and especially severe pathologies. That is to say, they are due to the underlying chronic disease, i.e. miasms, on whose terrain all diseases grow, and which are to be eliminated. [For more details see “Sanfte Medizin – Die Heilkunst des Wassermannzeitalters”, Grätz, J.-F., Tisani Verlag, Oberhausen i.Obb., Germany]

Sycosis, one of the four principal miasms, was already active since the first days of life. For months Nick suffered from severe colic’s and sleeping disorders, “it was always difficult to get him to bed”, “since the age of two he slept much worse”, his eyes were glued, “Nick was born with glued eyes”, and infantile coryza.Nick always startled easily, from noises behind him, but even from hearing the water running.

He also startled often during sleep. Nick is very sensitive, and as his mother said “our mood barometer”. He was crying when his therapy was discussed in the hospital. This convinced his mother that he should not take ACTH, a hormone of the pituitary gland. She had often observed such “presentiments”.

Another striking feature was also the constant restlessness of his arms and legs, which was “different than normal kicking his feet and waving his arms about”. Usually, he had clammy and smelly feet. The toenails were slightly bending upwards, the hands often “clenched”, and the thumbs clenched inward. At full moon Nick was extremely restless, especially in the evening and at night. Moreover, he feared the dark, like his mother. When waking up at night he could only fall asleep again when the light was on. His preferred sleeping position was on the abdomen. Only once there was a severe cold, but without much fever (max. 37,5° C). Twice the boy had a coryza, once he ameliorated quite soon when being at the seashore (North Sea). His face was pale and whitish, “deathly pale” at times, and there was a “stork bite” (Unna’s nevus) above the root of the nose.



Nick’s mother suffered from extreme nausea for four months. There was spotting during the third month of pregnancy, which was treated with bed rest and magnesium supplements. She feared losing her child, and her fear of darkness, from which she suffered since childhood, increased tremendously. Her physician diagnosed “bad hormone levels” and prescribed progesterone-substitutes. Her legs were swollen during the last four weeks, especially the lower legs and ankles (“as usual during menses”). She had an abortion before being pregnant with Nick.


Mother: Infantile rheumatism, penicillin allergy, menstrual disturbances, depression, abortion, cystitis, pyelitis, frequent vaginitis, mastitis twice during lactation. All of these are clear signs of the sycotic miasm.

Father: Premature birth (at 7 months), he never crawled according to his mother. Retarded motor development. Frequent gastro-intestinal infections with nausea, vomiting, flatulence and diarrhea. Paresthesia in forearms and hands in the morning. Frequent severe influenza infections, mostly without fever. Moreover, the family history revealed tuberculosis, pneumonia, depression, migraine, kidney stones, alcoholism, ovarian cysts, diabetes, breast cancer, rheumatism and hip surgery.

Remedy choice (see repertorization): Medorrhinum LM18, 1 drop in a spoonful of water, every third day in the morning.

Results: Seven days after Nick started taking Medorrhinum I got the following report: Red spots between the eyebrows appeared already after the first dose, “the same as his grandma had”. His convulsions aggravated in the afternoon, and in the evening pimples appeared on the left cheek. Days later he became increasingly hypotonic. Moreover, there appeared a stubborn, thick milk crust on the head. The second dose caused increased restlessness. Nick became more fidgety. A skin rash appeared on the whole face, like neurodermatitis on the cheeks and around the eyes, and like psoriasis on the chin. Both remained for four weeks! Moreover, dentition started now. The duration of the fits got longer, the boy got very tired, but more awake and fidgety in the evening. Coryza appeared with a copiously flowing discharge for the first time! Later, the convulsive disposition decreased and Nick got a real fever (38,5° C) for the first time in his life, a further positive sign of his development. Nick’s motor function ameliorated already after the third dose of Medorrhinum. He could hold up better, and also his head control improved considerably. But the psoriasis as well as neurodermatitis got worse. Also a diaper rash appeared. But Nick laughed much more and was cheerful! These were slight signs of a cure! according to Hering’s law of cure from within out (skin eruptions, however central amelioration). Hering’s law of cure states, that cure always proceeds from within out, from the head down and in the reverse order as the symptoms have appeared in the body. Cure also proceeded according to the law of biphasic diseases, the condition in the vagotone healing phase (increased convulsions, skin eruptions, increased tiredness, fever). [For more details see “Sind Impfungen sinnvoll? – Ein Ratgeber aus der homöopathischen Praxis”,Grätz, J.-F., 8th edition 2005, Verlag Müller & Steinicke, München, Germany]

Symptoms ComRep V8.5

  1. Mind – fear, dark

  2. Mind – restlessness, nervousness

  3. Mind – starting, startled – fright / noise, from

  4. Mind – starting, startled – sleep – during

  5. Mind – clairvoyance

  6. Mind – laughing – convulsions, before, during or after

  7. Head – falling of head forward /heaviness

  8. Sleep – sleeplessness – sleepiness, with

  9. Sleep – position – abdomen

  10. Generalities – sycotic constitution

  11. Generalities – reaction, lack of

  12. Generalities – convulsions – epileptic

  13. Modalities – vaccination, after

  14. Modalities – moon – full

  15. Modalities – air – seashore – amel.

  16. Face – discoloration – pale / sickly

  17. Chest – lungs – tuberculosis

  18. Extremities – coldness – foot

  19. Extremities – perspiration -foot

  20. Extremities – restlessness – arms

  21. Extremities – restlessness – legs

  22. Extremities – position – fist – spasmodic bending of fingers into a fist

  23. Extremities – position – clenching thumbs

  24. Extremities – nails – spoon nails

  25. Eyes – lids – glued – morning

  26. Stomach ache – diarrhea – during (colic)


After some more doses of the “magic drops”, as Nick’s mother called them, constipation appeared temporarily, later on fever again, this time even one degree higher – a very good development, as the boy appeared to come out of his condition of lack of reaction. The eyes were glued twice a week, once so severe, that Nick could not open his eyes for three days. Also, his navel started to suppurate again, “like at that time when he was a baby”, but only for a few days. All in all, positive signs of cure, and of a “rewinding process”, as homeopaths observe again and again.

But now, the mother reported, everything was over. The skin was clear again, eyes negative, and – lo and behold – with the cure of the stubborn skin rash no further convulsions appeared!

Nick is again a normal child and develops well, as if nothing abnormal had ever happened. His mother was overwhelmed with joy. Of course, his chronic treatment in the sense of a basic homeopathic treatment was not finished yet, as the primary aim is and must be the cure of all miasms. Regarding the observations on the effects of the vaccination, our duty is carried out completely, as the vaccinosis, i. e. the disease which is due to the vaccine, was treated successfully. The convulsions did not reappear after reducing and stopping the anti-epileptic drugs. But there is still something to do. Only his symptom picture will tell us when his anti-miasmatic treatment will be finished. Only then, after about two to three years, will he be discharged from the homeopathic practice. But it is sure: Nick will never be vaccinated again!


• Grätz, J.-F., “Sanfte Medizin – Die Heilkunst des Wassermannzeitalters”, 2007, Tisani Verlag, Oberhausen i. Obb., Germany

• Grätz, J.-F., “Klassische Homöopathie für die jungen Familie – Kinderwunsch, Schwangerschaftsbegleitung und Geburt, Kleinkindbetreuung, Entwicklungsstörungen und Behinderungen, natürliche Entwicklung”, 2. Auflage 2001, 2 Bände, Tisani Verlag, Oberhausen i. Obb., Germany

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About the author

Joachim-F Grätz

Dr. Joachim-F. Grätz, Germany, has been working very successfully as a classical homeopath for over 30 years, taking into account the so-called miasms (chronic basic diseases, disease behind the diseases) and is known far beyond the borders of Germany. The uniqueness of his form of therapy consists in his holistic worldview whereby he also integrates insights from dealing with other natural laws into his homeopathic thinking. This enables him to recognize the causal relationships of every illness and to treat them accordingly. – An extraordinarily successful practitioner, even with the most severe diseases.

Dr. Grätz studied homeopathy with the well-known German homeopath Dr. Otto Eichelberger in Munich, who was one of the first to take the miasms into account in therapy and who made the LM-potencies (Q-potencies) public in the German-speaking countries. He attended seminars of Gerhard Risch, Dr. Mohinder Singh Jus, Georgos Vithoulkas, Dr. Michael Barthel, Yves Laborde, Dr. Rajan Sankaran and Paul Herscu and got acquainted with different directions of homeopathy.

For a time Dr. Grätz was also a lecturer in classical homeopathy at various academies of naturopathy and homeopathy in Munich, Zurich, Köthen, Gauting, Salzburg, and Vienna, and also at the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich for interested medical students. He wrote several books on cassical homeopathy and the miasms with a variety of impressive case studies, on the nature of potencies in acute and chronic homeopathy, and on vaccinations, and published a double DVD.

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His latest book is in English, published in the USA:
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, 2021, Balboa Press, Bloomington, USA.
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