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The ZEN method An Approach to damages from HPV vaccine (cervical cancer vaccine)

Homeopath Torako Yui discusses the effects of the HPV vaccine and shares her method of detox and treatment.


In Japan, many girls at puberty have been inoculated with HPV vaccine regularly as the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare of the Japanese government encouraged it by conducting an HPV vaccine campaign on a large scale. However, cases claiming side effects from the vaccine followed in quick succession. An undeniable causal relationship between persistent pain and the inoculation of HPV vaccine was acknowledged because the pain happened after the inoculation. After same side effects occurred with increasing frequency, the government stopped encouraging its use.

In fact, around 50 mothers of the victims and other supporters set up ‘The National Liaison Committee for Victims of HPV Vaccine to establish that girls showed serious side effects after they received the vaccine. It seems that this organization is demanding the government research the case reports of the side effects in details and release the information to the public.

The Japanese people have been inoculated by various vaccines for more than 100 years.  When mercury levels in the body were compared between countries, Japan was number one in the world. It was over eight times the next country. There are many people who have bone problems, bow-legs, knock-knees or spinal curvature. This is caused not only by mercury but also by aluminum which are also contained in vaccinations. Of course, all bone problems in the Japanese people are not due to vaccinations.

I am also a mother of two children and have been seeing many young patients as a homoeopath. As a farmer I also provide vegetables which were grown from non-GM seeds without using any agricultural chemicals. In one case of damages from HPV vaccine, the mother of twin sisters fell ill with vaccinosis from HPV vaccine. I had not known homoeopathy at that time and desperately tried to find something to help. I changed their food to organic vegetables. As a result, the sisters started to be able to walk within three months, although they could not previously even get up due to pain all over the bodies. Correcting food without relying on only homoeopathy will also contribute to faster cure.

If children are living with side effects of vaccinations, they cannot bear healthy babies for the next generation. It seems that modern children have taken toxins into their bodies from their parents or ancestors and have been becoming weaker and weaker. Every time I see children suffer from cancer or collagen disease, I ‘m concerned there will be no healthy human beings in the future. In order to overcome the inherited miasms, we have to give patients miasmatic remedies and  nosodes for their inherited taints.

In October 2013, the Japanese Homoeopathic Medical Association (JPHMA) on which I serve as chairperson, contacted ‘The National Liaison Committee For Victims Of HPV Vaccine’, offering free homoeopathic consultations. I would like to share some of my cases in this article.

HPV Vaccine

Let me explain about HPV vaccine. There are two kinds of HPV vaccine which have been approved for sale. One is Gardasil. The other is Cervarix.

Cervarix is manufactured by Glaxo Smith Kline in the U.K. The viral proteins in Cervarix are prepared by recombining genes of Trichoplusiani (insect cells). This is the first vaccine which was approved in Japan as a vaccine which is made with genetic modification technology. It also contains a component derived from cow’s milk. As the adjuvant, large amounts of aluminum hydroxide, sodium chloride and disodium hydroen phosphate are used. Serious adverse reactions have occurred including shock or anaphylactic shock and angioedema. Whether the rise in antibody titer by this vaccine led to disease prevention has not been confirmed yet. As Trichoplusiani lay a lot of eggs, they can produce large amounts of vaccine using this.  When the vaccine is used, not only HPV virus, but the protein of Trichoplusiani will also enter the body.

Gardasil (Merck & Co in the U.S.) contains polysorbate-80, which is emulsifier acting surfactant. This is used for delivering certain drugs or chemical agents across the blood-brain barrier (which protects the brain from being disordered by chemical substances.) A study has shown that polysorbate-80 has been linked to infertility in mice. When female mice were injected with polysorbate-80 within 4 – 7 days after the birth, their maturity was speeded up and there were changes in their vaginas and uteri. Gardasil also contains squalene. Soldiers at the Gulf War were injected with Anthrax vaccine which contains squalene. The soldiers developed Gulf War syndrome (symptoms such as headache, debility, memory loss, and multiple sclerosis).

I made a combination remedy, called Support Keiga-V-C (Cervical cancer vaccine combination), mixing with Cervarix and Gardasil, to help the girls get well. Hahnemann often used Sulph and get rid of iatrogenic diseases, but we use tautopathic remedies. Medical drugs or vaccines are diluted and succussed for iatrogenic diseases.

I will show you three cases.


She is 14 years old, a member of‘ The National Liaison Committee For Victims Of HPV Vaccine’. The main complaints are 1. Pressing headache as if her head is tightened 2. Fatigue. Lethargy. She cannot go to school 3. Sleepy during daytime and cannot sleep at night. There are many children who live the vampire life. 4. She also has involuntary movement.I think this is a case where aluminum entered into the cerebral nerve.


Her vaccine history is as shown above. She started to be inoculated since 4 months old. She received the first HPV vaccine at the age of 12. The second one was when she was 13 years old. She has already been inoculated with 9 kinds of vaccines. As a result, she has a severe headache with tightening and fatigue which prevents her from going to school. She has also herpetic eczema on her cheeks.

< 1st consultation 12 October 2013 >

TY: Let’s work out together how you can live vigorously with physical strength!

Patient: Yes, thank you.

TY: I read through your interview sheet. Which symptoms you are suffering the most? Is it head ache or fatigue?

Mother of patient: When she has a headache, she cannot get up and sleeps till noon or evening.

TY: You feel better if you lie down, correct? Movement makes you to suffer, right?

Patient:  (long time after she thought)… Yes.

TY: How does it hurt? Such as, being pressed down, or being pulsating, and so on?

Patient:  (She tends to ponder on what she is asked for a long time.)

TY: Do you have a feeling of tightness? For example, do you have any concomitant symptoms such as vertigo?

Patient: … (long time after she thought) … Yes. I sometimes have vertigo.

TY: Is your vertigo shaking up and down, longitudinally?

Patient: … (long time after she thought)… Yes, that is right.

TY: See. That is harmful effects of mercury.

Mother of patient: Other information is that she was in a bedridden condition due to high fever for 4 months and could not go to school during this period of time. She went to school only one day for examination in October as her headache got worse which prevented her from going to school.

TY: What sort of dreams do you have? If you do not know, it is O.K. to say so. How is your tiredness or chronic fatigue symptom?

Patient: … (She thought for a long time, but could not answer, then her mother replied again.)

Mother of patient: It seems that she has tired feeling.

TY: She had not been like this before she was inoculated with HPV vaccine, right?

Mother of patient: Yes, that is right.

TY: Don’t you have twitching feelings?

Mother of patient: I recently saw that her eye lids and feet were twitching before she got up for a few times. The quality of her sleep is quite bad. It seems that she could finally fall sleep in the early morning, which caused her not to be able to get up in the morning.

TY: Do you have any particular things which you have aversion to?

Patient: … Something sharp pointed.

TY: How about a cooking knife?

Patient: … I am also scared of a cooking knife.

TY: Let’s work on positively how she can regain her healthy body. Let’s keep having  hope. If we feel despair, nothing can be solved. She still has got a mouth to eat food, mind to be grateful to the food and energy to digest the food. Let’s be thankful for small mercies.

<End of consultation>




Comments : It took ages for this patient to answer my questions. Her mother answered instead in many questions. Although it was about her symptoms, she could not answer. This is a remedy picture of Alumina. I chose rubrics, oppressive pain, has to lie down, worse by exercise, oppressive feeling in internal head (temple), her head is worse by exercise, weakness, herpes zoster.

Her current mind state is dull.

When I ran these rubrics, Bry came to the top. Bry could cover everything. As Bry has a good affinity with Alumina. We can find that Bry has the top affinity with Alumina in the concordance section of The Bönninghausen Repertory (TBR). I wanted to treat her migraine with Bry so that she could go to school. I prescribed remedies according to the ZEN method.

In Organon§279, Hahnemann is saying that homoeopathic remedies work very well as long as a patient with a chronic disease is not suffering from iatrogenic disease caused by medicines or vaccines and his/her organs are not damaged. In other words, if a patient has an iatrogenic disease and his/her organ is exhibiting dysfunction, diluted and potentized remedies will not work well. It seems that many homoeopaths have not understood this paragraph well. If we do not support a dysfunctional organ or get rid of an iatrogenic disease, regardless of how many homeopathic remedies we give, they will not work. This is what Hahnemann is saying in Organon§279. It is necessary to remove an iatrogenic disease and support dysfunctional organs as there are more patients with chronic diseases in modern times.

Thuja is an herb which suits vaccinosis. I added homoeopathic remedies Keiga-v-c (made from HPV vaccines), Mercury, Alumina which were the cause into Thuja mother tincture. The reason why she twitches is that her body is lacking zinc. That is why I added Zincum met. Remedies are added in this way in the ZEN method.

I prescribed Sulph. LM1 in the morning. As Hahnemann used Sulph to find a clearer symptom picture, I often use Sulph for the same reason. I prescribed Carcinocin LM2 at noon to cleanse her blood which was affected by vaccines. Then, I prescribed Bry LM3 for her acute symptom.

The ZEN method is an innovative method as it can cover everything, acute, chronic, iatrogenic disease and miasmatic susceptibility. I think this is an essential method for intractable diseases in modern times.

Our great masters including Hahnemann left their record in Materia Medicas. Experiments on Alumina 200 years ago are shown below.

(Reference) Alum on Materia Medica of CK. The results of Hahnemann’s proving on humans for Alum have the same symptoms of people who suffer from harmful effects of HPV vaccine.

CK Preface: difficulty in recollecting and reflecting

CK 41: the thoughts are occupied with various subjects, without any of them remaining so as to be clearly recognized

CK 48: Inability to think connectedly

CK 53: Great liveliness of spirit, alternating with absence of mind, while thought, vision and hearing seem indistinct and to have almost vanished.

CK 22: She cannot see blood nor knife without horrible thoughts pressing in upon her, as if she should, e. g., commit suicide; though she has the greatest horror of it.

I asked one patient about a knife. She replied that she was afraid of something pointed and a cooking knife. People who suffer from harmful effect of aluminum have the same fear. We know this because Hahnemann and other homoeopaths did provings on actual substances 200 years ago. She also said ‘I have vertigo which shakes longitudinally.” This is not a symptom of Alumina. The only remedy which has the longitudinal vertigo is Mercury (Hahnemann’s proving of Mercury.) That is why we have to prescribe mercury. We can find this about Merc-sol. in MM Pura 15;A kind of vertigo; when lying he feels as if swung long-ways.

I questioned why this patient has the symptom of Mercury because HPV vaccine contains large amount of aluminum but not mercury. I, then, set up a hypothesis.  Various vaccines which Japanese people are inoculated with contain not only aluminum but also large amounts of mercury. They have the same as adjuvant. They adhere to each other in the form of gum because the contents of vaccines are similar. I wonder if DTP, BCG, and Hib adhere to each other. When HPV vaccine with large amounts of aluminum enters into a body, toxins of vaccines which already exist in the body get activated. The new vaccine triggers emergence of mercury which had already been instilled by other vaccines.

On the fifth day after she started to take remedies which I prescribed, she reported me that she felt nausea and discharged saliva which filled her hands. She started to feel much better since then. Large amounts of discharging saliva is a character of Mercury and Alumina.  In Materia Medica of ‘Chronic Diseases’ we can also find the record. (For example, Merc-sol. On MM Pura 344; Discharge of viscid, faetid saliva, especially at certain hours of the night or of the evening. Alum on MM of CK 335; In the morning much expectoration of saliva and mucus.)


< 2nd consultation on 15 November 2013 >

TY: How is your condition overall after you took the remedies?

Patient: (She reacted immediately). I feel better than before.

TY: That is good. How is your headache?

Patient: (She responded instantly) My headache has not been changed so much but the duration of the pain became very short.

TY: That is very good.

Mother of patient: She could go to school last Thursday, Friday and this Monday after a long time.

TY: She could go to school 3 times consecutively?

Mother of patient: Yes. As it was the first time for her to return to school on Thursday, I gave her a lift, but she went to school on Friday and Monday on foot by herself.

TY: That is wonderful. I can see that she has grown in strength. (Having read a report from her) Did you have nausea on the fifth day after you started to take remedies and discharged large amount of saliva?

Patient: Yes. I had it profusely from my mouth.

TY: This is how you eliminated the wastes. People who suffer from harmful effects from aluminum and mercury, they tend to have large amount of saliva. I can see that wastes in your brain were eliminated with the saliva. As there was aluminum and mercury in your brain… you had a headache, tightening feeling. If the wastes of aluminum and mercury are eliminated more, you will have less migraine. So, you became able to go to school after you had the elimination. Do you still have tinnitus?

Patient: Yes, I occasionally have.

TY: Was it happening before you received HPV vaccine?

Patient: No, it started to happen quite recently.

TY: Please describe the tinnitus.

Patient: High-pitched tone.

TY: Is it like keening sound or bleep sound?

Patient: It is like keening sound.

TY: You started to react so immediately after I asked you questions. Your reaction is getting better. It is wonderful. I will prescribe remedies, so please keep taking them.

Patient: Thank you very much.

<End of consultation>

She became able to react immediately and go to school. She became better with only one consultation with remedies which got rid of her iatrogenic disease and acute symptom and match her tendency and miasmatic susceptibility. I prescribed remedies according to the ZEN method as it shown below. Especially, Lycopodium (*1) contains small particles of plant-based aluminum (organic aluminum) and grows in the soil which contains aluminum. I regard this remedy to play a role in eliminating alumina (inorganic alumina) from vaccines. Therefore, I decided to give Lycopodium to all patients who suffer from harmful effects of HPV vaccine at some point.

If we have large amounts of aluminum in our bodies, calcium will be decreased and osteomalacia might occur. Lycopodiumis the only remedy to treat spinal curvature. If we do not have robust bones, we cannot support our bodies. As a result our bones start to be twisted. I am thinking the reason why many victims of HPV vaccine have joint pains is because they are suffering from osteomalacia because large amounts of aluminum is entered their bodies.

Lycopodium in MM of CK 1396; It seems to favor the softening and curvature of the bones. MM of CK 1044  Curvature of the spine, in a child of two years, lasting several weeks.



Case 2


Let’s look at the second case. In her case, a doctor diagnosed her as Fibromyalgia. She cannot go to school as she feels so dull. Her grasping power is only 5 kgw. In an average woman it is 30 kgw, so she cannot hold even a lunch box with this grasping power. She has also involuntary movements and insomnia. In her case, aluminum has entered into her joints.


Although she received many vaccinations, the problem is that she was inoculated with HPV vaccine three times. She received it more than the girl in case 1. I could see that the harmful effects have reached into muscles. This case is more serious than the girl in case 1.

< 1st consultation on 13 October 2013 >

Patient entered room with walking stick and being supported by her mother.

TY: In this condition, it must be so difficult for you to go to school. Are you allowed to go to the school nurse’s office when you feel dull or sleepy?

Patient: Yes, but it is far.

TY: I see. You have to go there on foot.

Patient: Yes. I cannot move my body as it is too heavy.

Mother of patient: She cannot go to school for 4 or 5 days a month, as she cannot move herself. I have found that she fell down in corridor when I came home.

TY: I would like you to tell me what sort of pains you have in your body.

Patient: Pricking and throbbing in my joints, knees, fingers of both palms. It is always pain.

TY: Is it any particular points such as neck, shoulders or back?

Patient: Everywhere. It is always pain.

Mother of patient: She eats only once a day. She is supposed to bring a lunch box to school, but she tells me that her grasping power became too weak to hold it.

TY: Her grasping power is so weak, right?

Mother of patient: When we measured last time it was only 5 kgw. (NB. In average, women have 30 kgw.)

Patient: Yes. (She started to lie down as she could not keep sitting down for a long time. Lying down with bending her legs makes her to feel better.)

Mother of patient: When she has severe pain, she cannot hold chopsticks. A doctor told us that it was not side effects of HPV vaccine but the pain must be caused from mental stress.

TY: Your daughter cannot accept the diagnosis, because it is not from her stress.

Mother of patient: We recorded when she had convulsions. (She showed the video to me. The patient’s third finger on her right hand kept moving involuntary.)

TY: I understood that this finger moves involuntary. Your muscles became pulled so hard.

Mother of patient: I noticed that she also keeps shaking her legs unconsciously, but I thought the way of shaking is not normal. Her days and nights are reversed and cannot have a certain pattern.

TY: Mother. It is wonderful that you are caring for your daughter and are taking various actions for her in your busy circumstances. I wish you could carry on this consultation as we, the Japanese Homoeopathic Medical Association (JPHMA) is offering it free of charge for victims of HPV vaccine. When I imagined if it happened to my daughter, I think I cannot help but offering this free consultation as the chairperson of JPHMA. Please do not hesitate to take this consultation. It is a mutually advantageous relationship.





This girl could not keep sitting down and had to lie down during the consultation which shows she was short on physical strength. The rubrics which I chose were involuntary movement, twitching, physical dull feeing, front side, heavy feeling overall. Caust came to the top, then Alum followed. Of course, I chose Alumina I did not divide the prescribing time into Morning, Noon and Evening as her case was very serious.

I put HPV vaccine remedy, Alum and Merc which were the cause and China for her mercury-related disease and anemia into Thuja mother tincture. Hemoglobin level was only 6. Therefore, I prescribed Carcinocin And Syphilinum as a combination to cleanse her blood and anemia to stop this intractable disease. We cannot give only one remedy and wait in such difficult cases. It is important to prescribe remedies which caused the patient’s symptom from various aspects. I prescribed Support Nerve with Zinc for her involuntary movement.  Twitching symptoms of Alumina can be found the below parts of Materia Medica of Chronic Diseases.

(Reference) AluminaMateria Medica in CK

CK Preface:Twitching and trembling in the limbs

CK 1009: In the morning, paralytic weakness in all the limbs, with stupefaction of the head in paroxysms of several minutes

CK 946: Weariness of the legs, especially in the middle of the tibiæ, as if bruised ; while standing and walking, when it is worst, she feels like sinking down ; (diminished while sitting and lying down), especially in the evening.

CK 969: Heaviness in the feet, with great weariness in the legs.

CK 1025: Involuntary twitches now and then, and movements of one foot, of the fingers, etc.

CK 1026: Involuntary movements of the head and of other members.

CK 1059: Excessively tired and weary ; he must sit down.

CK 1065: Irresistible inclination to lie down

Let’s see how she was on the second consultation.

< 2nd consultation on 15 November 2013 >

The patient entered into the consultation without having a walking stick.


TY: You are holding a microphone. Are you O.K.? It is heavy, isn’t it?

Patient: Yes, it is.

TY: You can grasp it now, like that.

Patient: Yes.

TY: Do you think you can eat more than before?

Patient: Yes. I can eat more than before. I started to draw pictures, watch movies, and browse internet on iPad these days.

Mother of the patient: She likes drawing illustrations in general and I found a correspondence course. She also starts thinking of taking the course.

TY: It seems that a little hope starts to appear.

Mother of the patient: There is an explanatory meeting for the course tomorrow. I am thinking to attend it with her.

TY: The most delightful news for me is that you can eat more than before. Then, I am so glad to hear that you can grasp the heavy microphone. Furthermore, I am very happy to hear that your mother found the illustration course for you to develop your ability for your future.

Patient: Thank you very much.

She can grasp the microphone and draw illustrations as her grasping power has been increased. She starts to have hope. Her complexion looks good and her anemia seems to get better.  I was more than happy to hear that she got so much better after the first consultation.  I prescribed the remedies below.

Torakofeb2015img15 Torakofeb2015img16


Case 3

The last case is a girl who had been already receiving my consultation for ulcerative colitis and atopic eczema. I could not know the reason she was suffering from ulcerative colitis in the beginning as she did not tell me that she had been inoculated with HPV vaccine. As her mother did not think that HPV vaccine was the cause, she did not tell me anything about it. I was wondering about this case and asked about vaccinations again and found that she had been inoculated with Cervarix. Her vaccine history is as it shown below;


She was also inoculated with HPV vaccine 3 times in succession. After she received the vaccines, her atopic eczema got worse, she had a stomach ache, had high fever, then fell ill with ulcerative colitis.

< 1st consultation on 29 November 2013 >

TY: How old were you when you were inoculated with HPV vaccine?

Mother of the patient: She was 15 years old. I think it was November and December in 2011, then February 2012. It was November 2012 when she suffered from ulcerative colitis.

TY: She got ulcerative colitis 9 months after she was inoculated with HPV vaccine, right?

Mother of the patient: Yes, that is right.

TY: She was inoculated with the second and the third HPV vaccines in February 2012. How was her stool since then? Was it becoming soft or diarrhea, something like that?

Mother of the patient: I think that she started to go to toilet with bending forward in the morning since summer 2012. It was around 4 months after she was inoculated in February. She had high fever just after she was inoculated with the first HPV vaccine in November 2011. As it lasted for more than 2 weeks, she was hospitalized.

TY: I understand very well. This is harmful effects of aluminum. As a large amount of aluminum entered her body, we have to eliminate aluminum and mercury, otherwise the ulcerative colitis will not be cured. Don’t you have creeping or tics in your feet?

Patient: Yes, I do. I have involuntary movements in my feet even I do not do anything.

TY: Your feet move suddenly or twitch even you are not trying to do so, right?

Patient: Yes. I have also joint pain except for my symptoms in my bowels. My days and nights have been reserved. Is it also side effects of HPV vaccine?

TY: I saw other people who suffer from side effects of HPV vaccine. They are also sleeping in the early morning and cannot sleep at night.

Her days and nights were also reversed. She had also involuntary movements, especially in her feet. It is a character of Alumina She had painful diarrhea. When she suffered from ulcerative colitis, she had bad stomach pain. I could also think that she was suffering from harmful effects of vaccines. In her case, the harmful effects of aluminum came to her bowels and skin.

(Reference) Alum Materia Medica in CK

CK530: After diarrhœic stools following a colic, there remained a violent ache in the abdomen, especially in a spot, where when a girl she had an internal ulcer which opened. The pain was as if from a violent blow, she had to stroke place, bending her body, hold her hand upon it, which somewhat alleviated the pain, but it continued uniformly the whole day, whether sitting or standing

CK 531: Violent colicky pains in the left side of the abdomen, as if an ulcer was forming, with nausea

CK 572: After a troublesome pressure in the hypogastrium and long continued urging, the stool ensues slowly and only by straining the abdominal muscles ; all the bowels seem inactive from lack of the peristaltic motion ; stool not hard

CK 1028: Tortures in the limbs as if the bones were compressed, with pressure in the joints.

I chose both of bowel and skin in the rubrics.


Of course, Merc-sol is especially good for hemorrhagic diarrhea and bloody eczema, but Alumina came to the top.



<On 7 Apr 2014>

TY: Well, how’s your diarrhea or stomachache?

Patient: Recently I don’t have them at all. I didn’t have it at all in the end of the year, too. Stomachache and diarrhea get better now.

TY: I remember you said you slept early in the morning and woke up in just before noon.

Patient: I forced myself to change the sleep pattern early since the beginning of this year. Then I could manage to keep the custom.

TY: You’ve changed it? Great. Has the fever got better too?

Patient: I don’t have it at all. It’s gone with stomachache.

TY: Oh, I see. The remedies worked very well.

Patient: Yes. I got better day by day when the recovery started.

TY: Is your appetite also improved?

Patient: Yes. I eat completely normal now.

TY: Then it is O.K. now. So, let’s concentrate on your atopic eczema now.

Patient: Yes, my atopic eczema is also getting better. Thank you very much.

The prescribed remedies stopped her bloody stool. Her energy level was increased, too. I started Antipsoric treatment in order to cure her atopic eczema. Although the symptoms got much better, they still remained. I focused on eliminating harmful effects of mercury which her body might still have this time.

Torakofeb2015img22 Torakofeb2015img23


The lid of iatrogenic diseases will come off by taking homoeopathic remedies made from HPV vaccine which was the direct cause, and homoeopathic remedies of Alum and Merc which are used as adjuvant to treat side effects of HPV vaccine. Then patients’ self-healing ability starts to get on the move. Eventually, I prescribed Lycopodium to all patients who suffer from HPV vaccine which enhanced the effect. Lycopodium is wonderfully useful as an anti-psoric remedy although it is a plant.

I experienced a period when I was at a loss, caring for many patients who did not get better. I questioned if homoeopathy lacked something as a treatment. However, the fact that my ulcerative colitis was cured completely by homoeopathy kept inspiring me.

Hahnemann’s word ‘We can cure people as long as they have symptoms’ encouraged me to develop the ZEN method which is based on Hahnemann’s teaching and suits people nowadays. In order to develop the ZEN method, I read Japanese translations from the original German version of ‘Organon 6’ ‘Chronic Diseases’, All ‘Materia Medica’ by Hahnemann, ‘Small essays’, ‘Fragmenta de viribus medicamentorum’ in order to understand what Hahnemann really wanted to say.

Ignorance is a sin. ‘Aude Sapere.’ By Hahnemann

Requirements for Japanese people and Japan to restore health

  1. Do not to take unnecessary conventional drugs or vaccines.
  2. Let’s use homoeopathy first, which is safe and stimulates the body’s self-healing abilities.
  3. We can grow farm products without using agricultural chemicals in order to avoid putting further toxins into our bodies.
  4. Let’s heal your inner child, unresolved issues in your mind.
  5. Let’s believe and love ourselves, overcoming a sense of guilt and self-deprecation.
  6. Keep faith and cultivate your mind to realize that you are loved.

All of these philosophies are the key to boosting immunity and living true to ourselves. Let’s find a natural way of living in order to be healthy in mind and body.

May all be blessed with the benefits of Homeopathy! Be grateful for all of creation, the existence of the Universe itself. I wish all of you the enjoyment of living the gift of life!



Organon der Heilkunst 6 Auflage by Samuel Hahnemann

RA: MateriaMedicaPura by Samuel Hahnemann

CK: MateriaMedica of Chronic Diseases by Samuel Hahnemann

TBR: The Bönninghausen Repertory. Bönninghausen repertory MateriaMedica by Hahnemann. We made a software of this repertory.

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Torako Yui Ph.D.Hom is credited with establishing and growing homeopathy in Japan, virtually single handedly. After passing a qualifying examination of the Homeopathic Medical Association (HMA) in Britain, she became the first Japanese professional registered homoeopath in the association. She later opened her homoeopathic clinic in London. In 1997 Dr. Yui established the first homoeopathic college in Japan, the Japan Royal Academy of Homoeopathy (RAH) and was the principal. A year later she founded the Japanese Homoeopathic Medical Association (JPHMA). Since then she has written many books and articles, lectured internationally and received various honors. Torako Yui is also General Director of Nippon Homoeopathy Center.


  • After-effects of the HPV vaccination can be difficult to treat.

    Even though there are some positive results using ZEN method of mixing different medicines and applying them simultaneously, the ZEN method remains ALLOPATHIC PROCEDURE and is purely experimental.
    By this it is unreliable.
    The effects of mixed medicines cannot be foreseen from the proving information of its components. The only way to find out would be a full proving of such a mixture.

    Being aware of the dangers treating individuals who are potnetialy self harming and suicidal, who have random epileptic fits, seizures of all kinds left me abstain from medical experiments such as advocated above.

    I have been able to treat each of those cases successfully using Hahnemann’s method — the single remedy at the time in the most appropriate form of application (usually Q-potencies).

    The results of more than 20 years of research and practise are accumulated in my book:
    Rational Homeopathy, the review can be found here:

  • Well done! We also follow a very similar protocol of peeling the patient’s onion sequentially as well as detoxifying the organism physically, mentally and emotional in addition to nosodes for the genetic predisposition for chronic disease. We also have testimonials and cases for the application of Dr. Hahnemann’s dynamic system as you cite in your most thorough article. Here’s one that you can freely use, if you like, with regards to the eradication of seizures, after clearing a series of 3 injections of the HPV shots on this young teenager’s timeline.

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