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The ZEN Method (Three Dimensional Prescription) – Leukemia and Down’s Syndrome

Written by Torako Yui

Torako Yui, who established homeopathy in Japan, discusses her ZEN Method of treating intractable diseases. She illustrates her method with a case of Leukemia and Down’s Syndrome.


I suffered from ulcerative colitis when I was living in London in the U.K. When I reached the end of my rope, I found homoeopathy and was cured completely. This experience made me want to learn homoeopathy and I became the first Japanese homoeopath. About 20 years ago I brought homoeopathy to Japan, where almost no one knew about it. I established the first professional homoeopathy course in Japan in 1997, serving as the principal. Currently, there are over 300 homoeopathy centers throughout Japan and more than 600 homoeopaths are in practice. Five hundred clients visit the Tokyo Headquarter Center every month where I am practicing. I am serving as a president of the all Japan homoeopathy centers and am devoting my efforts to bring up juniors. In 1998, I set up the Japanese Homoeopathic Medical Association (JPHMA) and succeeded in applying indemnity insurance for JPHMA homoeopaths to establish a social position for homoeopaths. Homoeopathy has been spreading and it is estimated that 150,000 people are now using homoeopathy in Japan.

After I brought homoeopathy to Japan, I established the ZEN method (three dimensional prescription) after ten years of treating various intractable cases. Japan is a nation with much iatrogenic disease. This ZEN method has a high curative rate even in pathologies often considered incurable, such as atopic eczema, developmental disorders and cancer.

By sharing my cases cured by the ZEN method, I wish to contribute to the development of homoeopath all over the world. This paper illustrates Leukemia and Down’s Syndrome treated by the ZEN method.



Cancer is mycosis (fungi)

Propagation of mycosis means there is a low state ‘low immunity’. The problem of mycosis infection is from epidermal skin, but is a problem of the dermis. If blood is turbid and the immune system is low, mycosis propagates and mycosis itself starts to produce toxins. Athlete’s foot, Candida, and mycosis are not bad. As long as the body is coping with them, it will not become cancer. Cancer means that the acidity of the body is too high. When the body’s terrain makes it easier for mycosis to grow, this produces a tendency toward cancer. The body tries to protect itself from the spreading of mycosis even as its tissues become cancerous. An Italian doctor, Dr Tullio Simoncini says ‘Cancer is a mycosis caused by candida.’ He says that the immune system suppresses candida normally. However, once the immune system become compromised, candida will alter itself and propagate.

People with suppressed waste products from vaccination cannot perspire and tend toward hypothermia. Nowadays, there are more people whose body temperature is only around 35 degrees Celsius, which allows Candida to spread. Healthy people have a body temperature closer to 36.5 degrees Celsius. Being unable to develop a fever means that candida can spread easily. Since candida will be killed at high temperature, it is important to develop a fever.


Method suitable for Japanese

Tamiflu is an antiviral prescription drug used to treat influenza. Japan is the leading country in the number of prescriptions of Tamiflu. In 2005, the number of prescriptions of Tamiflu was 8.95 million in Japan. This means that 80 percent of the Tamiflu in the world was used in Japan. Japan uses four times more than the U.S.A. Japan has also a history of vaccination for over 140 years (1848 and 1994.) Vaccination had been obligatory for about 50 years. In 1993, children who got the MMR vaccine were dying one after another, or becoming paralyzed. The Japanese government was sued by the people over this matter. As a result, the vaccine was changed from “mandatory” to “encouraged” in 1994. (*Reference: ‘Thesis of Immunization Impossible’ by Torako Yui (Homoeopathic Publishing Ltd.)There was a study which compared residual mercury in people’s bodies by nationality. Japan was the world’s leader in the amount of mercury. It is over eight times as much as that of the second country.

When the earthquake happened in Sumatra, the victims included Japanese tourists. Although the local people’s dead bodies rotted quickly, the Japanese people’s dead bodies did not get rotten and people wondered why. I think this is because Japanese peoples’ bodies contain a lot of mercury and also because they eat foods which have added preservative agents.

I found that there were big differences in the response to remedies between my patients in the U.K. and those in Japan. The Japanese have a lot of iatrogenic diseases, and intractable diseases like cancer and autism are more common. These diseases were too difficult to cure by the traditional methods in Western countries. However, after I developed the ZEN Method (three dimensional prescription), taking more than 10 years, which is more suitable for Japanese, I was able to cure many more patients. I call this “the ZEN Method”, because it was born in Japan. I also call this a “three dimensional prescription” as it treats the patients’ mind, body and spirit as a trinity. For the Japanese people who have many intractable diseases, as well as iatrogenic diseases, the ZEN Method from years of my research has a high cure rate.


The ZEN method

I will explain the ZEN method (three dimensional prescription). In this method, I use mother tinctures, including drug remedies and vaccine remedies tautopathically, This enables one to eliminate ill effects of iatrogenic diseases with supporting organs. I prescribe a mineral remedy in the morning, a miasmatic remedy in the afternoon and plant or animal remedies in the evening in LM potencies. Patients put two drops of the above remedies into 2 cm of water in a cup, stir 20 times and take it every day. The roles of each of the remedies are as shown below:


Morning Mineral remedies remedies for constitution Body
Afternoon Chronic miasmatic remedies remedies for tendency, susceptibility Spirit
Evening Plant or Animal remedies remedies for existing symptoms Emotion


Patients should take these remedies every day, and then they will be cured in a shorter time, with better healing energy.


My Approach to Cancer the ZEN method (three dimensional prescription)

I failed in treating many cancer patients by giving Carcinosin in the beginning. Then I have found that even cancer cases can be cured with anti-Psoric treatment in the beginning. Tuberculosis and Cancer are “tendencies” rather than miasms. They are combinations of three miasms (psora + syc. + syph.), and secondary psoric diseases, therefore, will not be cured without having anti-Psoric remedies. We need to eliminate wastes to clear bacteria from the soil. For this purpose, remedies for iatrogenic diseases, organ support, and anti-psoric treatment are required.


Quotation from ‘Chronic Disease’

(English version P77)

… It thus unfolds into manifold forms of disease, with so many varieties, that they are by no means exhausted by the disease-symptoms enumerated in the pathology of the old school, and erroneously designated there as well-defined, constant and peculiar diseases.*

* They bear the following names: Scrofula, rickets, spina ventosa, atrophy, marasmus, consumption, pulmonary consumption, asthma, tabes mucosa, laryngeal phthisis, … sarcomas, ostecsarcoina, scirrhus, cancer of the lips, cheeks, breast, uterus, … insanity, imbecility, nervous debility, etc.


(English version P78)

These are the characteristic secondary symptoms, of the long-unacknowledged, thousand-headed monster, pregnant with disease, the psora, the original miasmatic malady which now makes its manifest appearace.


Quotation from Organon §80

… the psora, the only real fundamental cause and producer of all the other numerous, I may say innumerable, forms of disease, which, under the names of nervous debility, hysteria, hypochondriasis, mania, melancholia, imbecility, madness, epilepsy and convulsions of all sorts, softening of the bones (rachitis), scoliosis and cyphosis, caries, cancer, fungus nematodes, neoplasms, gout, haemorrhoids, jaundice, cyanosis, dropsy, amenorrhoea, haemorrhage from the stomach, nose, lungs, bladder and womb, of asthma and ulceration of the lungs, of impotence and barrenness, of megrim, deafness, cataract, amaurosis, urinary calculus, paralysis, defects of the senses and pains of thousands of kinds, etc., figure in systematic works on pathology as peculiar, independent diseases.


Hahnemann clearly said that cancer is Psoric disease.



Importance of anti-Psoric treatment

Cancer cannot be cured completely by Carcinosin. Cancer requires anti-Psoric treatment, because it also originally came from Psora.

Carcinocin and Tuberculinum are not miasms but tendencies that are combinations of Psora, Syco. and Syphilinum

Anti-Psoric treatment is required in any stage of diseases.

・Physical / Organ level … by Tissue salts, Mother tincture

・ Vital Force / Emotion / Mind … by potentised remedies


The reason why I have created the ZEN method was because I could see Hahnemann’s ‘true image of a man of originality and ingenuity’ more clearly, not his ‘manipulated image’.As all people who are creative and imaginative, Hahnemann broke rules provided by himself over and over. We also found that Hahnemann, the person who created and spread homoeopathy was always on the way to learning to become a true homoeopath. He was full of experimental mind, and free from his own opinions. Every prescription was an experiment. He did not know what would happen, and he was often surprised by what happened. It was true that he continued observation and experiments until the end of his life.


According to “In Search of the Later Hahnemann” by L. Handley, Hahnemann’s latest prescriptions were as shown below:

In 1838, Hahnemann started to use Sulph. in plussing way in C potency for every case.

In 1840, Hahnemann started to practice LM potency and settled in a sequentially plussing way. Finally, he used only Sulph. in order to uncover layers of suppression (i.e. anti-Psoric treatment). He no longer treated acute symptoms. He just waited and saw how Sulph. worked, by giving lactose. However, we have to go beyond Hahnemann. In Hahnemann’s time they did not have radioactive substances, antibiotics, cortisone and so on.


In the ZEN method, acute symptoms and Psora are treated at the same time. Furthermore, even if the symptoms are treated once, they will return because unsolved emotions (inner child) stimulates Psora. We must treat a way of feeling, thinking, and living by our own realization. Homoeopaths also undertake an important role of giving hope to clients. This is why I advise my clients to try to look into their inner child, inner-self. When we get upset or angry, we ask ourselves why and the answer comes from within ourselves. This is how to treat the inner child. The entity of human beings is the trinity, spirit, mind and body. Between spirit and mind, there is thought. Between thought and emotion, there is mind. Between emotion and body, there is sensation.


Emotion is always moving and is not stable. Emotion creates joy, anger and so on. However, we think ‘I cannot get angry now’ due to morals and we suppress the anger. If the anger was suppressed we feel heat somewhere in our body. The heat goes down to the body and the body feels pain like arthritis. We have to think about emotions more. Why are we swung by such emotions? The answer comes from the inner-self. Each part means as it is in the chart.


Parts Significant Applicable remedies
Spirit Purpose of this life – Karma Miasms, Nosodes
Mind (Thought and emotion) Sensation – inner child Plants, Animals
Sensation Connection between mind and body
Body A boat for spirit Minerals


A healthy body has its Vital Force in the middle. Vital Force has duality. If a healthy Vital Force and homeostasis are working properly, we will never get disease. However, once Vital Force is weakened, Vital Force itself starts to create a disease. This is called duality of Vital Force. One creates a disease, the other maintains health.



Main complaints : Down’s syndrome, Leukemia

He was diagnosed as Down’s syndrome just after his birth.

History of vaccinations : Diphtheria, Pertussis, Tetanus, Polio, Measles, Rubella, BCG

After he was vaccinated with BCG, he started to have a runny nose frequently, then developed otitis media with effusion. He had influenza, chickenpox, CV catheter-based therapy twice. During pregnancy: His birth was wanted by parents. Morning sickness was not so intense.

Fetal movement was weak

Delivery: 3,077 g of birth-weight. Delivery took only 6 hours. (Easy delivery)

His initial cry was weak and stopped at once. He was diagnosed as Down’s syndrome.



Birth                     He fed poorly, and mixed feeding until 6 months.

Then he was bottle-fed until 1 year and 6 months old.

BCG vaccination

10 months            He had otitis media with effusion (until 3 year & 4 months)

1 year 6 months   He started to speak, but did not utter a single word after that.

3 years 1 month   He had influenza.

3 years 2 months           He had the chickenpox, but it was suppressed with drug.

3 years 4 months           His otitis media with effusion was cured.

3 years 6 months and 7 months – He had a high fever of 40 degrees Celsius for 1 day.

3 years 8 months old     He had another high fever of 40 degrees for 2 days followed by low fever for 1 week.

3 years 9 months old     He developed acute leukemia. He was hospitalized for 6 months.


Anti-cancer treatment. Cylocide 5 times


4 years 3 months  Chemical treatment completed and he left the hospital.

9 years 9 months  Acute leukemia came back.

10 years old                   Acute leukemia recurred.

The number of platelets is 13 thousand. Very low.


21 April 2011

He has two difficult diseases. One is Down’s syndrome and the other is leukemia.

I use The Bönninghausen Repertory (Tbr).

TBR Rubrics

192. Appearance – Mouth, staying open (gaping) :

183. Appearance – Eruptions (exanthema) : – mouth, about the

369. Sour – desires

1708. <Cold, after being (effects from ‘catching’ cold) :

1738. > heated (internally overheated), from being: – radiant heat source (fire, heater, stove, etc) :

660. Blood & Circulation – Reduced (inadequate) circulation (with pallor, etc.) :

905. Sides of the body – right side :

791. Mind – Indifference :


TBR Result



Every day: Support Heart (*combination mother tinctures and remedies to support Heart)

+ Merc-sol.30C +Alumina30C +Antican-C-D30C +Antibiot-C-D30C +Pyrog.30C

Morning      Hepar LM1

Afternoon   Carcinocin LM2

Evening      ArsenicumLM3


Arsenicum is a good remedy for leukemia, the number one remedy. I prescribed three dimensionally.


He had pus in his blood a lot, so Hepar sulph is very important. Hepar sulph LM1 in the morning, Carcinosin LM2 in the afternoon, and Arsenicum LM3 at night. I gave him Support Heart because he had a lot of pus in his red blood cells. There is difficult circulation due to white cell and wastes products in blood, so his heart needed to be supported. The most essential organ has to be supported first. I added anti-cancer remedy 30C, Merc-sol 30C and Alum 30C in the support tincture. A lot of youngsters’ leukemia is caused by vaccines. It is particularly related to harmful effects of aluminum and mercury. I stimulate organ support and elimination by tautopathic remedies. The base tinctures are Cactus and Crataegus.


Cactus Grandiflorus

Cactus is effective for weakened, painful heart and also for congestive injuries with intolerable pain. Biologically, it works in the heart and circulation organs. Its mental state is sorrow, anxiety, fear of death, easily driven to fear.



Crataegus is an excellent herbal tonic for the heart. It is effective for dysfunction of the heart, heart valve diseases, and weak, racing pulse due to anemia, Breathing difficulty, swelling.


I put Calcarea phos and Zinc-mur in this tincture. Calcarea phos is very important for cancer as it is an essential mineral. All these remedies in the tincture come from “Chronic diseases” and “Materia Medica Pura” by S. Hahnemann.


14 July 2011

・Just after taking remedies, wet cough started.

・Red rashes appeared on his back and the rash around his mouth calmed down.

・He had a discharge of pus from the ears.

・He became able to perspire.

・He shed tears when he was denied. (He expressed his emotion.)


He started to express his own will which is good. He also shows his emotions. Very good!


TBR Rubric

1472. Eruptions – Miliary (miliaria rubra, heat rash [prickly heat]) :

250. Back – Back in general:

100. Discharges ( effluxion) from the ears- purulent (pus) :

104. Hearing – Difficult (hardness of hearing) :

164. Appearance – Colour, – pale:


TBR Result



Every day:  Support Spleen (*combination mother tinctures and remedies to support Spleen)

+ Tamiflu remedy + Sul-ac. 30C + Calcarea phos. 12X


Morning      Silicea LM1

  1.  LM2

Afternoon   Carcinocin LM3

Evening      Pulsatilla LM4


I gave him Support Spleen. This is good for people with leukemia. Spleen is very important for immune system, so I gave him spleen support this time and put Tamiflu remedy as he had taken a lot of Tamiflu. This is tautopathy.


Mother tinctures for spleen support are Ruta and Echinacea.

I also added Calcarea phos 12X.

I also added Sul-ac 30C. Sul-ac eliminates wastes in a body very quickly.

If people have smelly sour perspiration and it stains yellow, this is Sul-ac.


Ruta graveolens

Ruta is effective for the eyes, tendons, bones. It also has anticancer effect.


Echinacea purpurea

Echinacea is proven to be a most important herbal immune activating agent.

It also purifies blood. Echinacea has no toxicity, boosts the immune system.

It has anti-biosis and antiviral effect.

It is used for treatment of fever, infectious diseases, and reduces allergy symptoms.


Calcarea phos and Zinc are very important for people with cancer.

As a result of a study, a major cause of leukemia is show to be insufficient minerals.

Supplying minerals such as “calcium”, “zinc” is very effective to some kinds of leukemia. Blood including white blood cells is produced in the bone marrow and intestine. If calcium is insufficient in the bone marrow, the function of the bone marrow gets worse and it cannot produce normal blood.


16th Feb. 2012 Consultation




He had influenza.

The number of red blood cells returned to the normal range.


TBR Rubric

577 Coryza – fluent (with mucus discharge) :

590 Airways secretions (nasal & sputa) – Acid (corrosive, excoriating) – nasal :

192 Appearance – Mouth, staying open (gaping):

687 Thermoregulatory – Coldness – Single parts:

1706 < Cold, on becoming (immediate): (+ amel. Warm becoming)

660 Blood & Circulation – Reduced (inadequate) circulation (with pallor, etc.):

791 Mind – Indifference:


TBR Result




Every day:  Support Intestines (*combination mother tinctures and remedies to support intestines)

+ Carb-an.LM4 + Antican-C-D30C + Pulsatilla LM6 + ArsenicumLM6

Morning      SiliceaLM4

Afternoon   CarcinocinLM5

Evening      Squil.LM6


Arsenicum came up again, but I chose Scilla this time.

His body is very cold, so Silica constitution.

I gave him Support intestines this time.

Red cell, white cell, blood platelets, everything come from intestine rather than bone mallow.

Intestine is very important for leukemia person.

I added anticancer remedies for iatrogenic disease.

The tinctures are Quercus, Crataegus and Alfalfa.


Quercus spp

Quercus contains tannin, that has astringent action, and reduces secretion from mucous membranes. It is effective for diarrhea and intestinal regulation by internal application.

It is also effective for congestion of blood by bruise, circulatory disturbance, hemorrhoids, syphilis, pus formation of the skin.



Crataegus is an excellent herbal tonic for the heart.It is effective for dysfunction of the heart, heart valve diseases, and weak, racing pulse due to anemia, breathing difficulty, swelling.


Alfalfa – Medicago sativa

It contains a lot of vitamins (A, B-complex, K, etc.), minerals, proteins, food fiber, isoflavone, chlorophyl, that are effective for recovery from fatigue, tonicity, appetite improvement, constipation, anemia, menopausal symptoms, cholesterol reduction.

It is also effective for digestive troubles, kidney problems, frequent & excessive urination, digestion/ absorption.


Scilla maritima (Scill.)

Quotation from Materia Medica Pura(Reine Arzneimittellehre (RA))



Materia Medica Pure No. 157 Cause induration (scirrhous)

Materia Medica Pure No. 158 Induration (scirrhous) with high fever and inflammation can turn to cancer by Scilla.



Materia Medica Pure No. 182 Chill in the entire body. Rather cold skin.

Materia Medica Pure No. 184 Hands are as cold as ice even in a warm room.

Materia Medica Pure No. 185 Hands and feet are as cold as ice, whereas other parts of the body are warm.

Materia Medica Pure No. 186 Feet are as cold as ice.


12 July 2012


・Blood condition gets better

・Fever 38~39℃ then developed cough

・Eruption on his face returned

・Athlete’s foot on his left feet

・Otitis media with effusion is continued


Homoeopaths should talk to patient’s mother and give love and encouragement, as they are having hard time. So homoeopaths should have empathy towards patients’ mothers, not only toward patients.


TBR Rubric

96  Ears – Discharges (effluxion) from the ears:

583 Respiratory – Cough – Expectoration, without:

590 Airways secretions (nasal & sputa) – Acid (corrosive, excoriating) – nasal:

625 Airways secretions (nasal & sputa) –Watery (thin) – nasal

449 Urination (micturition) – Infrequent (seldom) too:

456 Urination (micturitation) – reduced (inadequate, scanty, oliguria, anuria)

474 Urin – Odour – ammoniacal

475 Urin – Odour – offensive (foul, stinking)


TBR Result



Every day:  Support Lungs (*combination mother tinctures and remedies to support Lungs)

+ Zinc-m.12C + Carb-v.LM5

Morning      Phosphorus LM5

Afternoon   Psorinum LM6

Evening      Carb-v. LM5

This time, I gave him support for lungs. Lung support contains mother tinctures of Echinacea and Quebracho. I already explained about Echinacea.


Quebracho Aspidosperma

Quebracho reduces digestive troubles due to tuberculosis and pleural inflammation.

It also relieves symptoms of asthma, difficult breathing with cyanosis.

I gave him the nosode Psorinuma. Psorinum stimulates Psora that is incorporated in VF, then reduces and delays the acute energy or momentum that is dangerous for VF.


11 October 2012


・Acute leukemia was improved

・Total protein was increased

・He grew in height

・He could not speak before, but he is now trying to talk with stumbling over his words

・Skin eruptions (around mouth, cheek, sole and toes) have been improved

・Exudative otitis media has been improved. Left ear was cured.


TBR Rubric

1997  >Leaning (resting) on something

823    Sleeping – Waking – often during the night

1374  Skin in general – Desquamation (flaking, scaling, peeling) of the skin

1     External Head, in general

1340  Color of the skin – pale (iron-deficiency anamia (chlorosis) etc.)


TBR Result



As required Bone support +K-Art-col +FerrumLM6 +Influ.30C +AluminaLM6 +Secale LM8

Morning      Calcarea LM6

Afternoon   Psorinum LM7

Evening      Merc-sol. LM8


Mother tinctures for Support Bone are Morus, Hypericum and Ruta.


Morus bombycis

Morus has a lot of calcium and magnesium and is effective for prevention of osteoporosis. (Brittle-bone disease) It has anti-diabetic action, impairment of sugar absorption (diabetes), expectoration action, anti-tussive action.


Hypericum perforatum

Hypericum has been used for treating wounds, urinary retention, and menstrual cramps.

Recently it is confirmed that Hypericum is effective also for relieving such emotions as sorrow, desperation, fear, as well as anti-depression. It helps to bring light to darkness of mind.


Ruta graveolens

Ruta is effective for the eyes, tendons, bones. It also has anticancer effect.


When I started to see him, the red blood cell count was 3.9. This part is normal range. So the first prescription already made this normal. Then, he keeps the normal level.

Then, white blood cells, it was 3.1 in the beginning. After first prescription boosted up here, then stayed in normal range. Blood platelets were 130, then it also became normal. Total protein was only the problem. However after I gave him Alfalfa, it went up, then became normal. Alfalfa is very important for a person who lacks protein.

Creatinine also went to normal. After 1 year and 6 months of treatment he became a normal boy with good height. Now he has recovered from leukemia.

Analysis and summary

1. Parents already have wastes

2. Many inflammations such as otitis media, runny nose and coughing

3. Inflammation and fever were suppressed by drugs

4. Chicken pox at the age of 3 years old was suppressed by drugs

5. Lots of hemotoxin due to vaccinations and drugs

6. Children with Down’s syndrome have difficulty in excreting wastes.

7. After he had fever as a result of taking remedies and excreted wastes, his blood returned to normal. Embrace symptoms.

8. Anti-Psoric remedies are very important for treating cancer.


Homoeopaths should investigate every possible cause of the disease, and give the most similar remedies to the patient. In this way, hope lies in treatment of intractable diseases. Also, it is very important to encourage mothers of these children with intractable diseases.


Cancer support tinctures by Torako Yui Ph.D.Hom.

Can-Bon     for bone cancer

Can-Bra      for brain cancer

Can-Bres    for breast cancer

Can-Esophfor esophageal cancer

Can-Kan     for liver cancer

Can-Leuk    for leukemia

Can-Lun   for lung cancer, bronchial cancer

Can-Lymp         for lymphoepithelial cancer

Can-Rec   for large bowel cancer, rectal cancer

Can-Stom          for stomach cancer

Can-Sui     for pancreatic cancer


The action will become more powerful by mixing mother tinctures and remedies

Use mother tinctures and remedies that are especially suitable for each organs


Mother tinctures which are used as base

φThuja - anti-tumor

φCalen. - regenerate cells

φHypericum - As cancer patients die from tetanus or Candida eventually not from cancer.

φRuta - Eliminates foreign bodies

φEchi. - Cleanse blood cells


Then, appropriate mother tinctures for each organ are added.


Fixed Remedy

Use the remedies that are mentioned as suitable remedies for cancer by Hahnemann and his followers in Materia medica Pura and Chronic Diseases as ‘Fixed remedies’. Most important remedy in cancer treatment is anti-Psoric remedies. The reason why we should avoid Carc is because I experienced cancer became bigger and patients died in many cases. That is why I do not give Carcinosin to cancer people anymore.


Minerals to be used for anti-Psoric remedies: Calcarea, Silicea, Mag., Kali., Phosphorus, etc.

Plants and animals to be used for anti-Psoric remedies: Con, Lachesis, Sepia, Lycopodium, Belladonna, Nux-v., Kreosotum, etc

Miasm to be used for anti-Psoric remedies: Psorinum

Intercurrent remedies: Carb-v., Carb-an., Hepar, Sulphur


What Hahnemann called ‘intercurrent remedies’ are anti-Psoric remedies.

Almost all of these remedies are anti-psoric, but if tumor is big, Medorrhinum will be required.

If the progression is fast, Syphilinum will be required



It is very important tincture. We grow them in our natural farm. Ruta contains Ascorbic acid and Limonene in addition to Rutin that have an antioxidant action.



Ascorbic-acid is contained in the leaves of Ruta. Pharmacologically, ascorbic acid concentration generates hydrogen peroxide in the extracellular fluid and leads to cell death.



Limonene is contained mostly in citrus. Limonene suppresses cancer cell growth, and induces apoptosis (cell death). Anti-tumor action of limonene. It is effective especially for Breast、Colon、Pancreas、Prostate、Stomach.



Quercetin is a vitamin-like substance. Rutin is a quercetin glycoside. Other than anti-inflammatory effects, quercetin has a strong antioxidant action. It has some function to interfere with some enzymes involved in cell growth.

Anti-tumor action of Quercetin (Dr. Duke): It is effective especially for Bladder、Breast、Colon、Lung、Ovary、Skin.


Recommendation of natural farming:

We are growing plants at natural farms of NIPPON TOYOUKE Natural Farming Co Ltd to make mother tinctures. I have farm lands in north part and middle part of Japan and running the farm without using chemical fertilizers at all. I formulated ‘Active’ plants for soil which contains radioactive remedies in fermented plants liquid. Eight kinds of remedies such as Plutonium, Rad-brom, Cesium, Stron-carb in 200C are contained. When we started to use this Active plants, Cesium was decreased dramatically, and there is no Cesium in our farm land now. Homoeopathy works not only on human beings but also on plants and animals. We use homoeopathy for our environment. All living things need homoeopathy.


About 3 years ago, Japan had a big earthquake. Approx. 20,000 people died and are missing. It was really a huge disaster and reconstruction works are still being carried on in Japan. Japan has been facing hardship since World War 2. However, we do not need to have fear, anxiety or sense of guilt any more. I am truly wishing that everyone love themselves and each other. My purpose of being homoeopath is the same as Hahnemann.


Quotation from “Chronic Diseases” Vol. 1 Preface;

…The purpose I was put here on earth – to become better myself as far as possible and to make better everything around me, that is within my power to improve…


May all be blessed with the benefit of Homoeopathy!

Be grateful for all of creation, the existence of the universe itself.

Wishing all of you enjoy living the gift of life!


The ZEN method seminar will be held in London on 26 May 2014.

The details are on below webpage:

Date:    26 May 2014

Time:   1000 – 1230 + Question and Answer

Venue:  The Japan Royal Academy of Homoeopathy UK

13 – 15 Canfield Place, London NW6 3BT.

Tel.:     +44 (0)20 7644 9260


Apply through the below website.

Or contact by telephone and Email.
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About the author

Torako Yui

Torako Yui Ph.D.Hom is credited with establishing and growing homeopathy in Japan, virtually single handedly. After passing a qualifying examination of the Homeopathic Medical Association (HMA) in Britain, she became the first Japanese professional registered homoeopath in the association. She later opened her homoeopathic clinic in London. In 1997 Dr. Yui established the first homoeopathic college in Japan, the Japan Royal Academy of Homoeopathy (RAH) and was the principal. A year later she founded the Japanese Homoeopathic Medical Association (JPHMA). Since then she has written many books and articles, lectured internationally and received various honors. Torako Yui is also General Director of Nippon Homoeopathy Center.


  • My daughter’s birth date is 24.6.2008. In Oct 2013 she had some purpura. We thought it will go. In early Jan2014 Blood test was done, all parameters were normal with only exception of platelets which was 1.10 Lacs. In last week of January 2014 it went down to 80000, again all parameters were normal. On Feb it went down to 9000. She was hospitalised immediately. All tests were done including Bone Marrow aspiration which excluded other disease and was diagnosed with Immuno Thrombocytopenia (ITP) She was put on Steroid for 45 days starting with 25 mg of Prednisone and ending with 5 mg. Blood Platelets count improved to 1.55 Lacs. We thought She had complete remission. But it relapsed within 30 days and platelets went to 14000 on April 28. Doctor said it is relapsed ITP.

    Again she is on steroid and count has improved. I dont want to continue steroid after this.

    Any Homeo remedy, please help.

    Dhananjay Kumar,

  • wonderful synopsis on cancer/autism/leukemia very grateful for your candid protocol.
    could you give some advice on melanoma treatment and skin cancers

  • Incredible work by Dr.Torako yui !
    Newer dimensions in treating advanced , so called incurable pathologies very well explained .
    A learning mind should be open to new experiments ,after all the purpose is to use homeopathy in full reinforcement to cure ..
    Thank you hpathy for this .
    And thanks to Dr. Torako -the mother of Homeopathy in Japan.

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