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The ZEN Method (Three Dimensional Prescription)

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Written by Torako Yui

Torako Yui discusses her ZEN method of homeopathy and presents a case of stomach cancer to illustrate.

A Case of Stomach cancer



I suffered from ulcerative colitis when I was living in London in the U.K. When I reached the end of my rope, I found homoeopathy and was cured completely. This experience made me want to learn homoeopathy and I became the first Japanese homoeopath. About 20 years ago I brought homoeopathy to Japan, where almost no one knew about it. I established the first professional homoeopathy course in Japan in 1997, serving as the principal. Currently, there are over 300 homoeopathy centers throughout Japan and more than 600 homoeopaths are in practice. Five hundred clients visit the Tokyo Headquarters Center every month where I am practicing. I am serving as a president of the all Japan homoeopathy centers and am devoting my efforts to bring up juniors. In 1998, I set up the Japanese Homoeopathic Medical Association (JPHMA) and succeeded in applying indemnity insurance for JPHMA homoeopaths to establish a social position for homoeopaths. Homoeopathy has been spreading and it is estimated that 150,000 people are now using homoeopathy in Japan.

After I brought homoeopathy to Japan, I established the ZEN method (three dimensional prescription) after ten years of treating various intractable cases. Japan is a nation with much iatrogenic disease. This ZEN method has a high curative rate even in pathologies often considered incurable, such as atopic eczema, developmental disorders and cancer.By sharing my cases cured by the ZEN method, I wish to contribute to the development of homoeopathy all over the world. This paper illustrates Stomach cancer treated by the ZEN method.


What is the ZEN method?

I explained about ZEN method in details in my article ‘The ZEN method (three dimensional prescription) Leukemia and Down’s syndrome’ in May. would like to carry the summary here.


The ZEN Method works on three dimensions.

  1. Soul: Inherited miasm, susceptibilities and inner child.

Souls are pleased if homoeopaths save them.

  1. Mind and emotion: Homoeopathic remedies heal this sphere
  2. Body: Herbals (mother tinctures) and Tissue salts heal this sphere


People started to heal only after all of these three spheres are covered. As frequencies of soul, mind and body are different, one remedy cannot match all these three frequencies. There is an inherited tendency to getting a disease. There is a tendency of mind in a way of thinking and feeling. Then these tendencies create a disease in a body. I think a disease of the body cannot be healed without solving everything.



The structure of the ZEN method

For the morning, I prescribe anti-Psoric beneficial mineral remedies.The remedy is decided based on The Bönninghausen Repertory (TBR), MateriaMedica and the miasm of the patient. Hahnemann said that more than 80% of diseases come from the Psora miasm. Many Psora miasms are caused by lack of essential minerals.

For the afternoon, I prescribe for the patient’s miasm, which is a tendency to contracting a disease.The remedy is decided by case taking and examining interview sheets. The medical history of the patient’s family members is also important in choosing the miasm.

For the evening, I prescribe for the current symptoms.This remedy is decided by examining The Bönninghausen Repertory (TBR), MateriaMedica and the miasm of the patient.

Then, I prescribe organ support, which is a combination of mother tinctures, tissue salt remedies, and tautopathic remedies, used at all times. I take into account Organon §279 and find out the patient’s weakest organ through case taking with the patient.

The ZEN method was born, including the current situation in Japan, adhering to the teachings of Hahnemann.


* The numbers in black circles indicate which edition of Organon Hahnemann. I added these numbers to understand Hahnemann’s transitions when I published the Japanese version of Organon. This work helped us to understand Organon more easily, as discrepancies in Hahnemann’s statements were decreased. The important point, is that Hahnemann was giving remedies which contained original substances until the 3rd edition of Organon. As he was giving toxic substances, he could not repeat remedies.



Mineral balance in the body is disrupted at the advanced stage of dysfunctional physical organs (i.e. pathology). In this case, organ supports using mother tinctures and tissue salts at physical level are required. It seems that Kent did not fully understand the difference between diseases (§11)and pathologies (§279). I wonder, as Kent regards everything as disturbances of the Vital Force and used only high potencies even foradvanced pathology cases, where he could not cure.

Hahnemann commented on caseswherevital internal organs were damaged by diseases (§279):



In this aphorism, Hahnemann says ‘A patient has 2 or 3 diseases in one body. That is why one remedy cannot work, and hence, each remedy is required in respective diseases.’




The above graph illustrates that Japan is the leading nation in iatrogenic disease.

The number of prescriptions of Tamiflu (oseltamivir phosphate) in Japan was number one in the world in 2005. The number was 8,950,000 at that time. Eighty percent of all Tamiflu used in the world,was used in Japan.

According to ‘Super mind control’ by Seiji Ikeda, when theamount of mercury in a body was compared between countries, Japan was number one in the world. It was over 8 times thatof the country second in line. The amount of antibiotics Japanese people use 40 times more antibiotics than people in the EU.

In Japan, vaccination has been conducted for over 160 years. Vaccinations were compulsory in Japan for 50 years between 1848 and 1994. Many children who were inoculated with MMR died or were paralyzed and the government was sued by Japanese nationals. Then, vaccinations were changed from ‘compulsory’ to ‘encouraged’ in 1994.In vaccines, thimerosal (sodium ethylmercurithiosalicylate) is used as preservative. Japanese people are number one in the amount of mercury in their bodies.Various causes can be considered, such as the long history of vaccinations, amalgam for dental treatments and consuming fish since ancient times.

The ZEN method was necessary for Japan, a nation with much iatrogenic disease. Applying the ZEN method to modern iatrogenic diseases enabled me to treat mind, body and soul as the Trinity and my curative rate was remarkably increased.


The above graph is from The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in 2010.

The use of pesticides by country

No.1  China          1.39 ton / square kilometer

No.2 Korea          1.27 ton / square kilometer

No.3  Japan          1.16 ton / square kilometer


Compared to the average of other countries in OECD (0.07 ton / square kilometer), Japan (1.16 ton / square kilometer) uses approx. 16.5 times more pesticides. By the way, India is 1.12 ton / square kilometer. The U.S. is on the 19th from the top. The amount is 0.07 ton / square kilometer, the same as the average. In Japan, 1,500 kinds of food additives which are banned in Western countries due to being carcinogenic, are being used legally.This also makes Japan a food additives superpower.


The inner child is ‘your child-self who was hurt by being unloved’ or ‘your grieving self who has been denied some concepts of values’. More or less, we all doubts if we are worthy of being loved, although in fact, we have value. Then we start to pursue the value to be loved.We start to seek the value of ourselves due to self-doubt. Everyone wants to be loved and tries to be better than others. This is the origin of ‘greed = inner child’. n a good sense, inner children have created cultures. Thinking we are inferior to others, we make efforts, competing with others. However, self-contempt also erodes mind and body.Especially in Japan, guilt feelings have been firmly embedded after the Second World War. There are many people who are suffering from this feeling, as they do not know how to release it.

I published the first book of the Inner child on 1 January 2009 and started to give lectures, not only to my students but also to the general public. Since 2012, we have been running our Inner Child Therapist course.I also practice inner child healings in my homoeopathic consultations, by giving verbal remedies for my patients to create awareness of their inner child and to heal it.

The main reasons why people cannot live healthy lives are suppression of symptoms (iatrogenic diseases) and suppression of emotions (inner child). If we release fevers, eczemas and emotions fully, we do not get disease. Even if you feel anger or enmity which are called negative feeling by society, these feelings should not be suppressed (as they often are by morals rules that we should not have such feelings).Ask yourself why you get angry. Through this practice, your inner child who was told that you were a bad child by your parent, will appear. Then, you talk to your inner child. You console your inner child, saying ‘It was hard for you when your mother criticized you, wasn’t it?’ Taking care of yourself means you affirm and understand your feelings. That is why people who upset you are only existing to inform your inner child.

Please talk to yourself and love yourself using the power of homoeopathic remedies. I think what human beings have to learn the most is tolove ourselves unconditionally. We might keep being born until we could do that from the bottom of our hearts. I wrote books about the inner child, urging people not to hurt themselves with self-denial and guilt feelings, which many Japanese people harbor.


Hahnemann says ‘A warning dream, a superstitious fancy, or a solemn prediction that death would occur at a certain day or at a certain hour, has not unfrequently produced all the signs of commencing and increasing disease, of approaching death and death itself at the hour announced, which could not happen without the simultaneous production of the inward change (corresponding to the state observed internally)’ in §17 (1).


Healing the inner child is, as Hahnemann says, a philosophical and religious outlook and it takesskill to create self-control.Suppressing symptoms and emotions stimulates the Psoric miasm and create complex pathologies.

The ZEN method can deal with them effectively as it includes healing the inner child.

Now, I would like to illustrate with my case.

Case Presentation

Male 46 years old

Main complaint: Stomach cancer (signet-ring cell carcinoma in lower body rear wall)

Occupation: Office worker (research and development work)

Mind: Stress factors … demands from others, refusing requests from others, being unable to meet expectations, receiving excessive expectations.

Vexation factors … people who demand without trying it by themselves

Family medical history:

Mother … athlete’s foot, colorectal cancer

Father … Nothing particular

Older brother … Depression

Younger brother … Had a heart problem; liver is slightly weak


Time line

Birth weight: 3,500g

1 – 3 years old :vaccinations: BCG, Diphtheria, Whooping cough, Japanese encephalitis, Polio, Small pox, Influenza

8 years old:       Younger brother was born. He went to his mother with an excited voice to say he succeed in performing double under, but his mother scolded him, saying his loud voice interfered with his brother’s urination.

10 years old : He used to go to otolaryngologist for treatments of rhinitis and sinusitis. He was using inhaler.

15 years old:Athlete’s foot got worse. He used liniment. His mother also suffered from athlete’s foot, and her toe nails were deformed.

24 years old:He started to work at electronics company.

25 years old:His stomach was damaged. He took conventional medicines and He joined a chorus group and used to go out for drinks late at night.He drank coffee a lot.

34 years old:He was vaccinated for mumps.

45 years old:He had to work for two people as his junior was on sick leave.

He said it was quite hard.He had to have sick leave due to back pain for one week.

46 years old :He had massive load of work. He had to bring his work home and stayed late at night.He was hospitalized due to suspected stomach ulcer which was subsequently diagnosed as stomach cancer.


First Consultation on 20 November 2012



Wart and moles on outer corner of the right eye

Left ear parotid gland: swollen

Body: cold when he was a child, his body temperature was 35 centigrade.

Stiff in his neck and shoulders.

Humpback. Back bone is twisted.

Feet: athlete’s foot

Stool: knotty stools

Bedtime: 1 – 2 am

Wake-up time: 6 – 7 am

Dinner time: 11.30 pm


Endoscopic photography: Ulcers have left scar.


Dialogue on the first consultation

Dr Yui (Y) :You were told that it was definitely cancer, weren’t you?

Patient (P) :Yes. The result of tissue examination was cancer. The ulcer was bleeding.

Y: What did your doctor suggest?

P: He suggested, as the ulcer was in middle part of the stomach, if this part needs to be got rid of, whole stomach should be removed or only one fifth could remain. Parotid gland was swollen a bit a few days ago.

Y: Had you contracted mumps?

P: No. I received mumps vaccination when I was 34 years old. We had one child at that time. We thought if we could not conceive a second child, it would be a problem. That is why I took the vaccination.

Y: What time do you get up and go to bed? What time do you eat meals?

P: As I am in sick leave, I go to bed before a day changes, but I used to go to bed around 1 or 2 am and get up around 6 am. Dinner time was around 11:30 pm.

Y: This gives a heavy load on your stomach. You should eat dinner before 9.00pm at latest.

P: Yes.

Y: Do you think your body is cold or hot?

P: I am rather a chilly person as my body temperature was relatively low.When I checked my body temperature before being inoculated, it was normally 35 centigrade.

Y: You said that you suffer from athlete’s foot, didn’t you? You need to increase your body temperature. People who suffer from cancer really need to increase their body temperatures to overcome candida, otherwise cancer will not disappear.

P: I understand.

Y: Were you useful in your company?

P: It seems that I am valued.

Y: I thought so. Are you a person who tries to meet expectations from others and work very hard?

P: Yes, that’s right.

Y: How did you learn the attitude…that you have to work hard? Was it your father?

P: Yes. My father was the same type. He was relatively hard working.

Y: Your father does not cry or make complaints, does he?

P: He rarely cries. If he argued with my mother, he just escaped to his work place.

I did not like seeing my parents’ quarrel.

Y: Did they often quarrel?

P: They sometimes did, as they persistedin their own opinions.

Y: They persisted in their opinion. I think there are many of such people in your company. What do you think?

P: Yes, that is right.

Y: What do you think about that?

P: I feel it’s difficult to deal with them.

Y: I assume that you are thinking ‘Why can’t they speak gently in a moral way? People will not follow even if there is anger.’

P: That is correct.

Y: You have a tendency of working quietly. You do not complain even you work double time than others? You have become a person who is convenient to your company. If you make efforts too much, the stomach will be worn out. So, please relax, please forgive yourself .

P: O.K.

Repertorization by TBR

1: 1973# 3.GENERAL – 3.Generals – 7. Ulcers – Cancerous:

2: 368# 2.Systemic – 1.Alimentary – 1. Viscera (organs) – Stomach

3: 538# 2.Systemic – 1.Alimentary – 2.7. Evacuation & Stools – knotty (lumpy, like sheep-dung)

4: 121# 1.Regional – 1.Head – 4. Ears – Glands (Parotid gland + regional lymph nodes)

5: 921# 2.Systemic – 6.Thermoregulatory – 1. Chill – Internal

6: 2186# 4.Modalities – 4. From food and drink – Meat


Result from the Repertorization

Akemi 2 Rep chart

Akemi 1

Explanation of the above prescription

Character of Causticum is worse from cold.

This remedy matches with stomach cancer with ulcer.

I combined Psorinum And Syphilinum, as Psorinum is for epithelial cell and Syphilinum is for ulcer.

Merc-sol is prescribed for the symptoms, ulcer and parotitis which are currently there. Syphilitic tendency has to be conquered as soon as possible, otherwise bleeding from the stomach cannot be stopped.


2nd consultation on 24 January 2014


He feels good. Pain was reduced.

He can walk and eat.

Bed time: 11 pm

Wake up time: 7.30 am

Dizziness from standing up and after having a bath

Hemoglobin value was 8.4

Small dried stool like a rabbit’s. He feels uncompleted when he evacuates his bowels. He has a bowel motion every day, but has a tendency to constipation.

He used to eat meat a lot.When he ate fish, he had black stool.


Endoscope photograph: Scar of ulcers. Convexo / concave can be clearly seen.

Dialogue at 2nd consultation

Y: I saw the endoscope photograph and thought folded parts have increased more than before.

P: Yes, that is right.

Y: Is your doctor saying that your condition has been advanced?

P: Yes, he is. He says that the condition has been advanced as long as it is judged from the photograph. It seems there was bleeding from ulcer in the stomach, as blood was mixed with my stool. I felt dizziness from standing up and was examined and told that was anemia.

Y: How do you feel about your condition? Do you have any uncomfortable feelings or any pains?

P: No. In fact, my pains have been reduced a lot and I am feeling good.

Y: Although your doctor told you that cancer has been advanced, you feel good, right?

P: Yes, I think so.

Y: Carrots are good to close ulcers, as it contains vitamin A. Vitamin B is also good for closing ulcers. Soy beans and powdered barley contain a lot of vitamin B. I also suggest that you go to the mountain and nature more often, then being bathed in the morning sun. Please practice this. Especially please try to absorb morning sun into your irises. This helps in healing.

P: Thank you very much.


Repertorization by TBR

1: 2556# 4.Modalities – 5. From Situation & Circumstance – Rising, on (in the act of – raising-up, becoming erect)

2: 1651# 3.Generals – 3.Skin – 1. Skin in general – pale (iron-deficiency anemia(chlorosis), etc)

3: 368# 2.Systemic – 1.Alimentary – 1. Viscera (organs) – Stomach

4: 1900# 3.General – 4. Excrescences (growths) – haematodes (haemangioma, haemangiosarcoma)

5: 538# 2.Systemic – 1.Alimentary – 2.7. Evacuation & Stools – knotty (lumpy, like sheep-dung)

6: 716# 2.Systemic – 4.Respiratory – 3.Coryza (catarrhusnarium, head-cold) – Coryza, fluent – obstructed (stopped)


Result from the Repertorization



I prescribed Natrum mur. as he was lacking of sodium and discharges from his nose (body fluid outside of cells).

Histaminum is for allergy from stopping using inhaler which he used to take for a long time.

Carb-an. is good for cancerous ulcers.

Cancer is a disease only after Psoric, Syphlitic and Sycotic are combined.

Nose and lungs are twin organs.

I prescribed Tuberculinumfor the blocking of nose. People who suffer from cancer often have blocked nose.

Nux-v. promotes detoxification of digestive organs.



Third consultation on 11 April 2014

I confirmed that his stomach wall has become smooth from checking endoscope photographs.


Dialogue at 3rd consultation

P: I submitted endoscope photographs.

Y: Yes, I saw it. It is very good this time, isn’t it?

P: Yes. I feel that things are getting well.

Y: That’s right. The condition of stomach wall has been very good compared to the last time.

P: Yes.

Y: You showed me a photograph when there is no fold on the stomach wall at the first consultation. That means the wall is swollen. As it was swollen, I could see that cancer was staying there. However, the second time it seemed that something started to be shrunk. Your doctor might have said that the cancer was advanced, I thought ‘Ah, it has started to be shrunk.’ Then, the folds have started to be smoothed little by little. In other words, the swollen period is the time when it has a strong tendency of creating cancer, but folds mean shrinking the tendency. That is why folds were not bad.CausticumandMerc-sol. worked very well. Then, Carb-an. helped to close the ulcers. They enabled stomach cancer to be improved in such short period of time.

P: That is why I was feeling good.

Y: That’s right. By the way, what are you going to do with your company as you are getting better now?

P: I will take sick leave until the end of May and start to work again.

Y: As you are getting better, there is no choice but that you go back to work, yes?

P: Yes.

Y: If you return to your previous life pattern, it might recur. Did you decide how to approach work now?

P: Yes. I decided not to overwork. I work with listening to my body. I do not make excessive effort.

Y: You have one more thing to do. It is important to affirm your emotions. When you have an emotion, please introspect yourself. If you suppress the emotion from moral way, such as ‘I should not feel so’, you will have cancer again. So, please affirm the emotion in a positive manner, even if it is anger or hatred.

P: It means that I recognize my emotions, doesn’t it?

Y: Yes. It means that you accept it. Adults tend to suppress emotions from morals such as ‘I should not feel bad as he/she has a reason.’ ‘Why do I think in this way? That’s not good. Hatred is not good.’ This will create the same result from taking antipyretic when you have fever. That is why I think it is very important to keep an emotion diary when you have an emotion.

P: O.K.

Y: While I was talking with you, I thought that showing emotion or expressingyour real intention had not been allowed in your family.Is it correct?

P: Well, I was told that a boy should not be so talkative.

Y: If you try not to be talkative, you will start to suppress good emotions as well such as ‘Oh, I was moved.’ ‘I feel very good by listening to the murmur of the brook’, isn’t it?

P: Yes, that is correct. I have been suppressing such emotions, too.

Y: If so, you cannot empathize. You are feeling something, but do not share in the end. Impressions and sufferings are the same. You do not say that you were suffering. You stopped talking as that was a rule in your family. You swallowed many emotions. You swallowed them deep into your stomach passing your throat. I asked you if you worked too much, and you replied ‘Well, it was average.’ However I wondered if it was really so. I have seen another gentlemen who suffered from stomach cancer. Many people are just working desperately without complaining. If your ability was 100, you worked at 120 levels. So, even if you may not feel so, I think you have been working very hard. That is why it will be a very important point that you listen to your body and tell yourself not to make such extreme efforts. Especially, I would like you to remember when you were told off about being talkative.

P: When I succeeded in performing double under, I went to my mother to tell her ‘I made it!’. However, it was when my mother was carrying my younger brother to let him urinate and he was surprised by my loud voice and his urination was stopped. Then, my mother shouted at me: ‘His urination was stopped because you made such a loud voice!’

Y: But you were very happy as you could succeed in performing double under, weren’t you? You experienced that you were told off when you expressed your happy feeling, so you started to leave your feeling for a while, but if you leave it for a while, the feeling will be past. The feeling becomes flat. I think you swallowed many ideas, such as “I should not say this in this situation”, and so on. I think it would be good if you keep remembering such situations more and more. I also think it will be the most important point that you flatter yourself that you have a great healing ability. Please try to express your feelings without putting it down to your stomach from your heart.

P: I understand. Thank you very much.


Remarks on the prescription

I think Carb-an. worked effectively.Carb-an. is very good for stomach problems, stomach ulcers and stomach cancer. It sometimes brings back a memory which you forgot, about your childhood.


As of 4 July 2014, he had achieved full rehabilitation.He has now returned to work and is working not so hard as before.



A patient starts to live him/herself after their immunity was increased by remedies and they were cured from a disease. I observed that Carb-an. has an affinity for stomach cancer. I also recommended that he not work more than he can for the sake of his company. In other words, I recommended that he heal his inner child. I would like him to cry or moan even though he is a man.


I quote MateriaMedicaPura (RA) and MateriaMedica of Chronic Diseases (CK) below.

Carb-an.: Corresponding parts of Parotid glands, Stomach and Mind symptoms

Parotid gland

Carb-an. RA 42 Tumentia of parotid gland (Rererence: Rust’s Magaz. a.a.O)
Carb-an. CK 131 Swellings of parotid gland (Rust’s Magaz. f. d. Heilk. Bd. XXII. H. 1. S. 198.) (RA42)


Carb-an. CK 20 Indigestion in the stomach. Almost all of food which was eaten caused symptoms
Carb-an. CK 21 Tightening pain in stomach as from a load
Carb-an. CK 22 Gripping in the stomach as if it was grasped strongly
Carb-an. CK 201 Pain as from soreness and burning, like heartburn, in the throat, extending down into the stomach.
Carb-an. CK 271 Tightening pain in the stomach even when it is empty. (RA80)
Carb-an. CK 272 Severe pressure in the stomach, in the evening, after lying down in bed; she had, in order to relieve herself, to press with her hand on the region of the stomach (aft. 16 h.).(RA81)
Carb-an. CK 273 Pressure in the stomach, with heaviness and fullness, with tendency to waterbrash.
Carb-an. CK 277 Frequent stitches in the stomach (Htb. u. Tr.)
Carb-an. CK 280 Boring pain in the stomach, almost as if from fasting, extending into the abdomen.
Carb-an. CK 617 Pressure in the stomach, in the chest and at times in the abdomen


Carb-an. CK 2 In the morning, he feels as if he was deserted, and full of homesickness. (Male)
Carb-an. CK 3 Melancholy (not only homesick, but also longing for places and people in the past)
Carb-an. CK 26 Indifference in the beginning. Thereafter, he becomes very sensitive to stimulation from outside. (RA189)


Carb-an. CK 421 Stoppage of the nose. Coryza. He cannot breathe with his nose (Male) (RA127)
Carb-an. CK 422 Stoppage of the nose. Coryza. From the morning till the evening (1st day) (Htb. u. Tr.)
Carb-an. CK 423 Stoppage of the nose. Coryza. When he wakes up, but it disappears after he gets up. (Htb. u. Tr.)
Carb-an. CK 424 Left nostril is blocked. In the morning (2nd and 3rd day) (Htb. u. Tr.)



Cancer support Original tinctures



I developed combinations of mother tinctures and remedies to support cancers.

They are especially effective as prophylaxis forpeople who have a tendency to cancers.The reason I chose mother tinctures of Ruta and Fagophynum was because they contain plenty of rutin which can overcome shortening of telomere which is connected with cancerogenesis. Having them as the base, I have put each in mother tinctures which have affinities to each organ.



Can-Bon for bone cancer

Can-Brafor brain cancer

Can-Bresfor breast cancer

Can-Esophfor esophageal cancer

Can-Kanfor liver cancer

Can-Leukfor leukemia

Can-Lunfor lung cancer, bronchial cancer

Can-Lympfor lymphoepithelial cancer

Can-Recfor large bowel cancer, rectal cancer

Can-Stomfor stomach cancer

Can-Sui for pancreatic cancer


Countermeasure against cancers by mother tinctures

Ruta contains rutin which has anti-cancer activity.Effects of rutin: strengthen capillaries, improve cholesterol value in the blood and blood stream, antioxidative effect, carcinogenic inhibitory actions

–      Combination of Ruta and Calcarea phos is effective for treating brain tumour. (DrPrasanta and PratipBanerji)

–      Ruta works on accumulation of hard carcinogenic substances in breasts and va-gina and make it smaller (Cooper)


Please allow me to use this opportunity to express my thanks for the many positive comments to my last article.I wrote in the last article, “The reason I have created the ZEN method was because I could see Hahnemann’s ‘true image of a man of originality and ingenuity’ more clearly, not his ‘manipulated image’ in “In Search of the Later Hahnemann” by L. Handley.I read it while I was living in the U.K. about 20 years ago.As all people who are creative and imaginative, Hahnemann broke rules he made over and over. We also found that Hahnemann, the person who created and spread homoeopathy was always on the path to learning to become a true homoeopath. He had used an experimental method. Every prescription was an experiment. He did not know what would happen, and he was often surprised by what happened. It was true that he continued observation and experiments until the end of his life.I learnt this spirit of Hahnemann and have built up the ZEN method in Japan.It would be my greatest pleasure if the ZEN method could be used in order to save patients suffering from complex pathologies.

Gentlemen, complain more, cry more and accept your frailties!


May all be blessed with the benefit of Homoeopathy!

I wish you all enjoy the gift of life, being grateful to all of creation and the existence of the universe itself!



Organon der Heilkunst 6 Auflageby Samuel Hahnemann

RA: MateriaMedicaPura by Samuel Hahnemann

CK: MateriaMedica of Chronic Diseases by Samuel Hahnemann

TBR: The Bönninghausen Repertory. BönninghausenrepertorisedMateriaMedica by Hahnemann faithfully. We made a software of this repertory.

❶❷❸❹❺❻ indicate which edition of Organon Hahnemann stated.




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book in Japan. It contains histhasbasic principles, how to use remedies, Material Medica and Repertory of 38 remedies.


“Guide book -Vital Elements”

This book explains 24 kinds of tissue salts and12 kinds of trace minerals. A guide book to activate a worn out body natural healing power!


New release!


The time of homoeoprophylaxis will arrive! Which do you choose ‘vaccinations’ or ‘homoeoprophylaxis’? This book is for people who think ‘Although I am scared of harmful effects and side-effects from vaccinations, I do not want to suffer from infectious diseases.’ This book shows how to cure childhood diseases and infectious diseases rapidly with homoeopathy.

It is recommended to parents who are worried about vaccinating their children.


Lecture DVD : English subtitles


“The Practice of Healing the Inner Child”

Torako sensei lectures about basic ideas of the inner child, 10 transformative steps of emotions (inner child), how to heal the inner child, showing actual cases. This DVD gives courage and hope to live when you have pain and suffering.


“ZEN Homoeopathy”

This DVD contains essences of the ZEN method. She explains cases of developmental disorders and belief related diseases and essential factors to understand homoeopathy thoroughly.


The books above are available from this website:

About the author

Torako Yui

Torako Yui Ph.D.Hom is credited with establishing and growing homeopathy in Japan, virtually single handedly. After passing a qualifying examination of the Homeopathic Medical Association (HMA) in Britain, she became the first Japanese professional registered homoeopath in the association. She later opened her homoeopathic clinic in London. In 1997 Dr. Yui established the first homoeopathic college in Japan, the Japan Royal Academy of Homoeopathy (RAH) and was the principal. A year later she founded the Japanese Homoeopathic Medical Association (JPHMA). Since then she has written many books and articles, lectured internationally and received various honors. Torako Yui is also General Director of Nippon Homoeopathy Center.


  • Insights offered by Dr. Torako Yui are not just unique but extraordinarily valuable. They have got sparks flying and wheels turning in my brain. My mind, thus activated, is straining at the leash to explore deeper into remedies, diseases, pathologies and the mystery called Man.

    The way she has teased out hidden meaning – hidden from most of us, that is – from Hahnemann’s writings and combined it with her own discoveries is truly inspiring. Her questioning of fossilized beliefs, mindlessly handed down from generation to generation of homeopaths, has set an excellent trend that would, one hopes, save homeopathy from turning into a dogma from what it essentially is – a science and an art.

    I wish to convey my deep appreciation and heart-felt gratitude to Dr. Torako Yui.

  • Dear,
    I know, but just before this article I red your article about prescription the remedies and just thought what you think about this ? I like very much your way of thinking ,
    much regards

  • Marija
    Clinical experiences are most important. You have proof here, what more you want. I think we need to be open to new ideas including combination remedies, energy remedies, distant homeopathy, and digital homeopathy.


  • We are to research more & more on the Homeopathy to achieve the best result in treating the all sort of diseases……..

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