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Biochemic Combinations

Biochemic combinations [1] or cell salts or tissue salts have been dispensed as combinatiosn since the time of Schussller.

The biochemic theory states that diseases occour due to imbalance in the vital cell salts and by giving potentised cell salts, such disturbance or imbalance can be corrected. There are 12 biochemic tissue salts. Each tissue salt [1] covers numerous systems and symptoms. If a person is found to have symptoms, which are not fully covered by a single salt, more then one salt is given in combination.

Based upon the tissue affinity and symptoms, the cell salts have been combined in 28 different combinations containing 3 to 5 medicines. Each combination works for a specific set of symptoms or a specific condition like coryza, cough, fever, constipation, diarrhoea, dentition etc.

Here is a list of these combinations, their use and ingredients –

Combination NumberDisorder for which it is meant
6Cough, cold and catarrh
10Enlarged tonsils
15Menstruation troubles
16Nervous Exhaustion
20Skin diseases
21Teething troubles
in children
22Scrofula (Enlarged glands)
24(Five Phos) Nerves and brain tonic
25Acidity, Flatulence,
26Easy delivery
27Lack of vitality, early aging
28General tonic

The Last Word..

Although the proponents of biochemic combinations say that it is a seperate system and we can use combinations because there can be a defeciency of more that one cell-salt at a given time, I have some questions which should make people situp and think.

1. How homeopathic Natrum-mur 12x is different from biochemic Natrum-mur 12x?

2. Why is it that Natrum-mur 6c is homeopathic but natrum-mur 12x is biochemic? There is technically speaking not much difference – both are diluted, potentized to nearly same level.

3. When biochemic medicines are also slected on the basis of symptom-similarity, how is it different from the homeopathic law of similia?

Anybody who ponders seriously over such questions would realize that cell-salts are not an independent system. They are very much a part of homeopathy and therefore the laws that apply to homeopathic combinations, should apply to the biochemic combinations too.

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