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Pros & Cons of Homeopathic Combinations

KNOW pros and cons of homeopathic combinations in detail.

Like any other form of medicine, homeopathic combinations have their pros and cons. Lets study them one-by-one.


* They are dead easy to prescribe. The homeopath does not have to use his brain at all! The homeopath does not have to worry about the content, remedy differentiation, case-taking, repertorisation, finding similimum, potency selection, repetition etc. Just pick the bottle with the name of a disease on it and there you go…

* They can be picked off-the-shelf even by a lay person.

* They may offer quick palliation in certain cases.

* They provide for greater profits to homeopathic pharmaceutical companies and medicine-stores.


* They can never cure, as ‘cure’ with homeopathy needs lot of effort in case-taking, individualization, repertorization, remedy differentiation, potency selection etc. The homeopaths who presribe them simply forget the first aphorism of the Organon of Medicine – “The physician’s high and only mission is to restore the sick to health, to cure as it is termed.” And also the second aphorism – “The highest ideal of cure is rapid, gentle and permanent restoration of health, or removal and annihiliation of the disease in its whole extent, in the shortest, most reliable and most harmless way, on easily comprehensible principles.

* They can at best palliate. Palliation may be OK in some acute diseases but in majority of chronic diseases, the prolonged use of such combinations would lead to suppression of the disease and subsequent complications.

* Since the medicines are used in physiological doses, their prolonged use would invariably cause medicinal symptoms (that means side-effects) to appear in a patient. When you take a combination with 8 different medicines, not all 8 would give good results. Probably only 1 or 2 would palliate in your case, the rest are being taken for no good …and they would actually cause harm ..just like anything unwanted in the body.

* The combinations are never proved as an entity. There is no drug-proving for any homeopathic combination. It is not known, exactly how the various medicines interact with each other and what is their combined effect. So when you take a combination, you are basically taking an untested medicine. Sounds comforting? Heh!

* Repetition problem – When a combination is given by a homeopath and the case stops responding after some initial relief, the homeopath is at loss as to exactly which medicine to prescribe now and which potency to use because he does not know exactly which medicine in the combination worked for a given patient.

* In my personal experience I have found that the patients who come to homeopaths after taking combinations for their chronic conditions are very difficult to cure, even with the similimum. I have found that allopathic suppressions are more easy to deal with than the homeopathic suppressions.

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  • it is right homeopathy combinations, only partial cover remedy or some disease symptoms covered remedy suppress symptoms more deeply than allopathy because allopathy works mostly superficial layer of the organs and steroids little bit act deeply to suppress vital force,s act but suppress by allopthy symptoms reopen in short period JUBKI homeopathy has power,to act more deeply and this is homeopthy,s goodness but more dangerous if applied wrongly.
    IN COMBINATION or alteration may be one medicine similimum by chance that time my be that medicine act like HERRING,s law of cure and other medicine like suppression that time vital force,s action mingled and case spoil.
    I agree with you.

  • coauthor – Homeopathy and Mental Health Care: Integrative Practice, Principles and Research

    How to get these books

  • very well said. the polypharmacy homoeopaths do more harm to the VITAL FORCE than the allopathy combinations that harm the BODY. the latter is not so serious than the former. then how to prove our great homoeopathy with all these branded medicines?

  • whether in case of ocd depression
    both allopathic with homeopathy medicine should b taken r not give comments
    2005…the problem occurs…

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