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When Not to Use Homeopathic Combinations?

When NOT to use homeopathy combination remedies.

* If you want a permanent cure, homeopathic combinations are not the way to go.

* If you are suffering from a chronic disease condition, you should not use homeopathic combinations. You would end-up causing more harm than benefit in the long run. A temporary amelioration followed by suppression is often the norm in such cases.

* If you can find a good homeopath, don’t use a combination on your own.

* If you are suffering from a skin disease, never use homeopathic combination ointments.

* If you are a very sensitive person, the medicines in the combination can create side-effects or proving symptoms.

* When you are pregnant. It is not known what effect such combinations can have on a developing foetus.

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When to use Homeopathic Combinations?

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  • Hi Manish. For the past 10 years I’m suffering from IBS. Allopathy temproraily help but I didn’t find cure. Same with Ayurveda and now I am on homeopathy. A doctor administered Bach remidies for months on me. I fould immediate relief that lasted only for 2 weeks. I changed many doctors but no help. Now I am reading homeopathy myself and experimenting. I have tried ‘biochemic combination 4’ for three weeks and have got rid of some troublesome symptoms.

    After reading this article of yours, I am somewhat disappointed. I am saddned by the statement “If you want a permanent cure, homeopathic combinations are not the way to go”. I am trying homeopathy (including biochemic combination) in order to get permanent relief. I’ve always held an impression that allopathy may get you a quick relief but for permanent cure one should subscribe to homeopathy. My impression has crumbled under your statement.

    Can you please explain why you say so? Can you also recommend what roadmap I should follow?

    • Mr. Daljeet, Homeopathy is based on the law of similarity- A medicinal substance produces X symptoms when tested on healthy human beings. In homeopathy when we come across a patient with symptoms similar to X, we prescribe that substance in potentised form. The complexes ignore this fundamental rule. The medicines in most complexes cover at most 2-3 common symptoms of a disease condition and there is no individualization. If the remedy being used is not a CLOSE ENOUGH match, it will either do nothing or work as just palliative. Sometimes it can even suppress too. Homeopathy is a holistic science and fairly complex one at that. Chronic diseases cannot be treated by reading self-help books.
      It is sad but true that most homeopaths in India practice ‘complex’ homeopathy, which is a poor imitation of allopathy. Being a qualified homeopath is one thing and sticking to the fundamental principles is entirely.
      Find a classical homeopath near you – someone who will take time to listen to you and then prescribe for the underlying cause and predisposition and will give just one medicine – not a complex – homeopathic, biochemic or bach flower!

  • Never use combination polypharmacy remedies -These are marketing tools to sell remedies by illness names (over the counter Do-it-yourself) not used by practicioners.

  • I am pregnant and it’s my 8th month running . can i take BC-26 easy parturition?
    As suggested by my friend it helps in easy delivery with minimal pain.

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