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Lac Vaccinum

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Mind – General nervousness, with depression of spirits, feeling as though about to hear bad news.

Mental confusion lasting a long time after proving.

Mental prostration, came on so suddenly, was unable to collect her thoughts or write her symptoms.

Head – Vertigo : falls backwards if she closes her eyes. Fullness of head as if too large and heavy.


Eyes – Dull pain over right eye, and very slight dull feeling over left eye.

Ears – Ears felt stopped up; felt deaf in both ears, although she could hear as before.

Mouth – Had a dirty, yellow coated tongue, which felt parched.

Sour taste.

Acid saliva staining handkerchief yellow.

Ulcers on tongue, flat, white, sunken; tongue swollen, exceedingly sensitive, covered with white slimy mucous on the parts not ulcerated; breath extremely fetid; sores extend to inside of cheeks and tonsils; deglutition painful.

Throat – Sensation of plug in throat and larynx.

Appetite – Thirst for cold water in quantities, drank three tumbler full during evening.

Stomach – Had a swelling or bloating of stomach.

At 10:30 a.m. sour taste. Nausea, but no rising or vomiting.


Abdomen – Pain proceeding from sternum, extending across abdomen about an inch below umbilicus.

Constant intolerable flatulence begins an hour after drinking milk for lunch and lasts all the afternoon.

Borborygmus, with loud, noisy rumbling (200).

Stool – Obstinate constipation; stool hard, dry; in impacted balls; can be passed only with great straining.

Passage of stinking flatus, in large quantity, which relieves.

Female Sexual Organs – White watery leucorrhoea; pain in sacrum.

Drinking a glass of milk will promptly suppress the flow until next menstrual period.

Menses, suppressed, delayed by putting hand in cold water.

“Nausea of pregnancy with desire for food > by drinking milk.”

Respiratory Organs – Sensation of plug in throat or larynx.

Back – Pains in sacrum.

Lower Limbs – Piercing or lancinating pain in each hip joint, not severe.

Short rheumatic pains in knee and tarsal joints when walking.

Skin – Brown crusts, having a greasy appearance, especially in corners of mouth, similar to what are called “butter-sores”.

Generalities – The pains in chest, abdomen, hips, thighs, and knee were all felt on right and left side simultaneously.

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