homeopathy remedy kit

The Dynamis Professional Homeopathy Remedy Kit

A homoeopath without remedies is not a homoeopath!

Have you ever been on a plane, train, boat, or simply canoeing down the Amazon and you didn’t have the remedy you needed?

For many years I wanted a traveling kit that had all the remedies I needed when on the move.

But I couldn’t find a kit that fitted my needs. Most first aid kits only have 30-40 remedies- handy for First Aid but not enough for a pro. Other kits had more remedies but were just too big to carry.  I didn’t want large heavy bottles filled with lots of globules – just a couple of small pellets will do in a pinch.

So I set about designing a kit that would have all the remedies a professional homeopath needs on the road. A kit that would be light, fit in my travel bag, give easy access to the remedies and look good. Together with B. Jain pharmacies help, and after ten years of work, we have produced


The Dynamis Professional remedy Kit 

I selected 190 remedies in 200c potency (no point in messing around in an emergency)- all high quality production remedies in pellet form in small bottles, with tight fitting plastic caps. I included many of the Dynamis remedies (because I use them a lot). And just in case we missed a remedy you really want we included 10 empty bottles.

All this is packed a compact PU leather*case which easily fits into your carryon bag.

And now for the best bit. We made it very, very affordable.

At $280 US You cannot afford to be without one! That’s under $1.50 a bottle with the case thrown in.

And first 20 kits are going in a special offer of $ 250

Whats not to like? I’m loving it!

 Get one now, and one for your best friend and another for your mother!



Remedy List:

  1. Acidum Nitricum 200C
  2. Acidum Sulphurosum 200C
  3. Aconitum 200C
  4. Adamas 200C
  5. Adonis Vernalis 200C
  6. Aesculus Hipp 200C
  7. Aethusa 200C
  8. Agaricus Musc 200C
  9. Agnus Castus 200C
  10. Alfalfa 200C
  11. Allium Cepa 200C
  12. Aloes Soc 200C
  13. Alumina 200C
  14. Ambra Grisea 200C
  15. Ammonium Carbonicum 200C
  16. Anacardium 200C
  17. Angustura Vera 200C
  18. Antim Crud 200C
  19. Anthracinum 200C
  20. Antim Tart 200C
  21. Apis Mell 200C
  22. Apocynum Cann 200C
  23. Aranea Diadema 200C
  24. Argent Met 200C
  25. Argent Nit 200C
  26. Argon 200C
  27. Arnica 10m
  28. Arnica 200C
  29. Arsenicum Alb 200C
  30. Asafoetida 200C
  31. Aurum Met 200C
  32. Aurum Mur Nat. 200C
  33. Bacillinum 200C
  34. Baptisia Tinctoria 200C
  35. Baryta Carb 200C
  36. Belladonna 200C
  37. Bellis Per. 200C
  38. Berberis Vulg. 200 C
  39. Bismuth 200C
  40. Borax 200C
  41. Bothrops 200C
  42. Brassica Olei. 200C
  43. Bryonia Alba 200C
  44. Bufo 200C
  45. Cactus Grand. 200C
  46. Caladium Seg. 200C
  47. Calcarea Sulph. 200C
  48. Calcarea Carbonica 200C
  49. Calcarea Fluorica 200C
  50. Calcarea Silicata 200C
  51. Calendula 200C
  52. Camphor 200C
  53. Cantharis 200C
  54. Capsicum 200C
  55. Carbo Animalis 200C
  56. Carbo Veg. 200C
  57. Carsinosinum 200C
  58. Caulophyllum 200C
  59. Causticum 200C
  60. Cenchris Contort. 200C
  61. Cereus Bonplandii 200C
  62. Chamomilla 200C
  63. Chelidonium 200C
  64. China Off. 200C
  65. Chininum Sulphuricum 200C
  66. Chlorum 200C
  67. Chocolate 200C
  68. Cicuta Vir. 200C
  69. Cimicifuga 200C
  70. Cina 200C
  71. Cocculus Ind. 200C
  72. Coffea Cruda 200C
  73. Colchicum 200C
  74. Colocynth 200C
  75. Conium Mac. 200C
  76. Crotalus Horr. 200C
  77. Croton Tig. 200C
  78. Cuprum Met. 200C
  79. Cinnamomum 200C
  80. Cyclamen Europaeum 200C
  81. Cygnus 200C
  82. Digitalis 200C
  83. Dioscorea 200C
  84. Drosera 200C
  85. Dulcamara 200C
  86. Echinacea 200C
  87. Eupatorium Perf. 200C
  88. Ferrum Met. 200C
  89. Ferrum Phos. 200C
  90. Gelsemium 200C
  91. Germanium 200C
  92. Glonoin 200C
  93. Granatum 200C
  94. Graphites 200C
  95. Guaiacum 200C
  96. Gunpowder 200C
  97. Haliaeetus Leuc 200C
  98. Hamamelis Virg. 200C
  99. Helium 200C
  100. Hepar Sulph. 200C
  101. Hydrastis Can. 200C
  102. Hydrogen 200C
  103. Hyoscyamus 200C
  104. Hypericum 200C
  105. Ignatia 200C
  106. Iodum 200C
  107. Ipecac 200C
  108. Iridium 200C
  109. Iris Vers. 200C
  110. Kali Bich. 200C
  111. Kali Brom 200C
  112. Kali Carb. 200C
  113. Kali Phosphoricum 200C
  114. Kreosotum 200C
  115. Krypton 200C
  116. Lac Caninum 200C
  117. Lac Humanum 200C
  118. Lachesis 200C
  119. Lactic Acid 200C
  120. Latrodectus Mac. 200C
  121. Ledum Pal. 200C
  122. Lilium Tig. 200C
  123. Lobelia Inf. 200C
  124. Lycopodium 200 C
  125. Lyssin 200 C
  126. Mag Carb. 200C
  127. Mag Mur 200C
  128. Mag Phos. 200C
  129. Malaria Off. Nosode 200C
  130. Medorrhinum 200C
  131. Merc Iod. Flav 200C
  132. Mercurius vivus 200C
  133. Mercurius Corrosivus 200C
  134. Moschus 200C
  135. Muriatic Acid 200C
  136. Myrica Cer. 200C
  137. Naja 200C
  138. Natrum Carb. 200C
  139. Natrum Mur. 200C
  140. Natrum Sulph. 200C
  141. Neon 200C
  142. Nux Vomica 200C
  143. Opium 200C
  144. Ozone 200C
  145. Petroleum 200C
  146. Phos Acid 200C
  147. Phosphorus 200C
  148. Plantago 200C
  149. Platinum met 200C
  150. Plumbum Met. 200C
  151. Plutonium Nit. 200C
  152. Podophyllum 200C
  153. Polaris 200C
  154. Psorinum 200C
  155. Pulsatilla 200C
  156. Pyrogen 200C
  157. Ranunculus Bulb. 200C
  158. Rhododendron 200C
  159. Rhus Tox 200C
  160. Rumex Crispus 200C
  161. Ruta Grav. 200C
  162. Sabadilla 200C
  163. Sabina 200C
  164. Sarsaparilla 200C
  165. Secale 200C
  166. Sepia 200C
  167. Silicea 200C
  168. Spigelia 200C
  169. Spongia Tosta 200C
  170. Stannum Met. 200C
  171. Staphysagria 200C
  172. Sticta Pulm. 200C
  173. Stramonium 200C
  174. Strontium Carb. 200C
  175. Sulphur 200C
  176. Sulphuric Acid 200C
  177. Symphytum officinale 200C
  178. Syphilinum 200C
  179. Tabacum 200C
  180. Tarentula Cub. 200C
  181. Taxus Baccata 200C
  182. Terebinth 200C
  183. Thuja 200C
  184. Uranium Nit. 200C
  185. Urtica Urens 200C
  186. Valeriana 200C
  187. Veratrum Alb. 200C
  188. Vespa Crabo 200C
  189. Wyethia 200C
  190. Zincum Met. 200C

This is the BEST remedy kit with all common first aid remedies and a full set of Pro remedies with Jeremy Sherr specials too. You can’t miss this special remedy kit. It has been made in very limited numbers. Order before it runs out of stock.

Get one now, and one for your best friend and another for your mother! The kit has been produced in small numbers. Place your order today or you might miss this beautifully designed, very special professional remedy kit, designed by none other than Jeremy Sherr himself.