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– Belching up of food, fluid, or of gas formed in consequence of imperfect digestion of food in the stomach.

General Treatment. – See. under DYSPEPSIA and DIET. Those who pass offensive flatus should not eat eggs.

Medicines. – (Three times a day.)

Ipecac. 3.

– Rising of food from disordered stomach; tongue coated.

Ant. tart. 6.

– Rising of food, with clean tongue.

Pulsatilla 3.

– Eructation of food from overloading the stomach, attended with bitter taste; burning sensation remaining in throat after vomiting.

Carb. veg. 6

– Great accumulation of gas; often offensive.

Lycop. 6.

– collection of wind under the left ribs; difficult to dislodge; constipation.

Chamomilla 6. –

Belching and flatulence; “windy Spasms;” irritability. (In these cases Chamomilla sometimes acts better if given in hot water.)

Sulph 6.

– Acidity, belching, sinking sensation at stomach.


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