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– The four principal affections of the lids are styes, concretions, inflammation of the margins, and inflammation of the inner surfaces.

Styes are best treated by medicines alone, given every few hours.


– At the beginning.


– After puls. if inflammation continues and pain is severe.

Hepar 6.

– When suppuration occurs.

Calcarea c.6

– When hard concretions are left behind.

Inflammation of the margins.- This condition produces an unsightly redness of the margins of the eyelids, and is sometimes attended with great irritation and turning in of the eyelashes.

General Treatment. – Local applications are for the most part injurious. A little vaseline may be applied to the lids at night to prevent the lids sticking together, and the eyes may be bathed with warm milk.

Medicines. -(Three times a day.)

Sulph.6. – When the lids are very red.


– After sulph. if required.

Inflammation of the Inner Surfaces. – This may be acute, when it is associated with general inflammation of the eye surface (conjunctivitis – the membrane covering the eye and lining the lids being called the conjunctiva), or it may be chronic (the condition known as granular lids) which is a consequence of repeated acute attacks.

General Treatment. – Bathing with hot water and anointing the margins of the lids with vaseline at night are the simplest and safest local measures to adopt.



– Red, hard swelling, with burning heat and dryness.


– Eyelids much swollen.

Sulph.6. –

Violent burning; mucus and matter exude.

Arsen.3. –

Eyelids very painful; eyes can scarcely be opened.


– Lids closed as if by spasm.

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