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– The face may become spotty and the complexion unhealthy from a variety of causes. Gout is answerable for some cases, and scrofula for others. Unwholesome occupations, and want of attention to ordinary rules of healthy living. The period of adolescence is often marked by an eruption of pimples.

General Treatment. – when the spots depend on some chronic disorder like gout, constitutional treatment will be required. Plain regular living and plenty of open-air exercise are the best remedies in general. The worst thing that can be done (after cosmetics) is to take “tonics” and “blood-purifying” mixtures indiscriminately. The use of face powder of all kinds is injurious. When the skin of the face is tender no soap of any kind should be used to it. Plain water is generally enough, and if anything more is desired, Fuller’s earth is the best.

Medicines. _ (Three or four times a day.)


– Scurfy eruptions around the mouth.

Kali carb.6.

– Blotches and roughness of the skin produced by cold winds.


– Earthy complexion, unhealthy-looking; patients who are generally chilly and of a constipated habit.


– “Liver-Spots”.

See also ACNE.

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