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HEART, PALPITATION OF.-Violent or rapid pulsation of the heart may be due to disease of the heart’s structure; or it may arise from constitutional causes, from disorders of digestion or affections of other organs. It is a common symptoms in smokers and those who indulge freely in alcohol. In persons of nervous organization almost anything will be sufficient to cause an attack of palpitation. Those who suffer from it generally sleep better lying on the right side than the left.

General Treatment.-When the cause is known and can be removed, to do this is the first indication. Tobacco, wine, and spirits, coffee, strong tea, spices, must be avoided. During an attack, when accompanied by faintness, a little brandy with hot water may be given.

Medicines.-(Frequently during an attack. There times daily during an interval.)

Aconite 3.

-When it arises from mental emotions; in plethoric persons.

Chamomilla 3.

-From vexation.

Coffea 3.

– From excessive joy.

Ignat. 3.

-In persons of weak nerves; palpitation worse at night, keeping the patient awake.

Nux v. 3.

-In plethoric persons, after Acon; worse after eating; flatulence after eating; constipation.

Belladonna 3.

-In plethoric persons; palpitation on sight exertion, with full, throbbing headache, flushed face, great sensitiveness to light and noise.

China. 3.

-In weak persons who have had exhausting discharges.

Natrum mur. 6.

-Palpitation coming on when the patient lies down.

Veratrum a. 3.

-Better lying down, worse on rising and moving about, with difficulty of breathing and agitation.

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