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HECTIC FEVER.- This is the fever which is found accompanying many wasting diseases, notably consumption, and chronic abscesses connected with bones and joints. It is a continued fever, subject to many fluctuations in the course of the twenty-four hours, reaching its height in the middle of the afternoon, when the characteristic bright spot appears on the cheek. The presence of the disease on which it depends serves to distinguish it from all other fevers.

The treatment of hectic is the treatment of the disease of which it is a manifestation. The most nourishing and easily digested diet, sponging with vinegar and hot water (one part to six), and a good supply of fresh air constitute the most important general measures.


China. 3.

– The most generally useful.

Aconite 3.

– If there is dry skin, restlessness, anxiety.

Arsen, 3 – Red tongue, burning thirst, anguish.

Hepar. 6.

– Great depression, profuse suppuration.

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