Memory weak

Last modified on January 3rd, 2019

Memory weak


-This is usually a symptom of general weakness, and is best corrected by remedies that are suited to the constitutional state.

General Treatment.-When it is the result of overtaxed brain, cessation from mental labour, with generous feeding and open-air life, is the remedy. If the bodily powers are exhausted also, complete rest in bed for a week must be enforced before active exercise is allowed. When loss of memory arises in connection with general DEBILITY, the treatment described under that heading must be enjoined. When loss of memory is the only permanent symptom of the case, one or other of the following remedies will help:-Medicines.-(Two or three times daily.)

Aconite 3.

-When caused by fright.

Sulph. 3.

-After vexation.

Arnica 3.

-From a blow on the head.

Nux. v. 3.

-From indulgence in spirituous liquors.


-In people who are always chilly.

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