Neck stiffness

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NECK, CRICK IN, STIFF-NECK and WRY-NECK. -On making a sudden turn of the head a sharp pain is often experienced on the opposite side to that to which the head is turned. It is as if some of the muscles were unprepared, and were wrenched. Following the acute pain there may be stiffness, lasting for some days. The same pain and stiffness may be caused by rheumatism of the muscles from cold.

In rare cases the stiffness does not depart, the muscles contract permanently, and chronic Wry-neck is the result.

General Treatment.-The best general treatment for stiff-neck is the application of dry heat, as a hot, dry flannel, or the painful part may be ironed, a piece of brown paper or flannel, being laid on the neck, and a hot iron passed over it.

Medicines.-(Every hour or two according to urgency.)

Aconite 3.

-From draught or chill; pain on moving, extending down the neck to the shoulder.

Actea r. 3.

-Head and neck drawn back; rheumatic pain and stiffness in muscles of neck and head, sensitiveness of the spine.

Bryonia 3.

-Painful stiff neck, worse on touch and motion.

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