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NIGHT-WATCHING, EFFECTS OF.-The amount of sleep requisite for different persons varies exceedingly, and every one must be more or less a law to himself in regard to the amount of sleep he requires. But for any one to take habitually less than his proper amount is to lay evil in store for days to come. It is necessary, however, on certain occasions, and in certain professions, to sit up at night and work by day as well. If this is only for a short period no harm may result. Some, however, can bear it less easily than others, and these may be helped by medicines. General Treatment.-It must be remembered that those who stint themselves in sleep must not stint themselves in food.

An extra meal is necessary when sleep is curtailed. A short walk in the open air is also desirable, but it must not be far enough to tire. Medicines.-(Every two or three hours.)

Cocc. 3.

-This is the best remedy in general for the consequences of loss of sleep.

Nux. v. 3.

-When there is headache, and the person has taken coffee, wine, or spirits to help to keep awake.

Pulsatilla 3.

-Head feels empty and light, or heavy; bright light unbearable, better in open air, worse lying down; in persons of mild disposition.

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