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PROLAPSE OF THE BOWEL.- This troublesome affection is more common in children then in adults. IT is due to weakness of the tissues at the lower end of the bowel, and i generally induced by constipation, and the consequent straining at stool. In adults it is often an accompaniment of piles. With some patients it occurs every time the bowels are moved, with others even when sitting or walking; when lying down it returns to its natural place , or it can be returned by the hand.

General Treatment.-Use no paper, but wash the part with cold water after each motion with a soft linen rag,or if cold water gives pain,warm water may be used. Gentle pressure will usually be enough to restore it to its place. If there is any difficulty, lay the patient on the back with the hips well raised on pillows and the head low so as to obtain the advantage of the force of gravity. Then wrap a small sponge in a piece of linen,wet it,and press the protruding pat steadily,but not violently. Do not hurry. IF it does not yield to this,put vaseline on the fingers,grasp the protrusion,and return it in that way. If it becomes red,swollen and painful,do not attempt to return it,but put wet cloths upon it,and keep the patients lying down.

Medicines.-(Every few hours;when acute symptoms come on- swelling,redness,pain-every hour.)


-This is specially indicated for children;but- also in adults if there are loose,light stools in the morning;prolapse after every stool,or on sudden motion or sneezing.

Ignat. 3.

-Nervous persons; with constipation; in children who cry much; bluish-red swelling,bleeding,much pain at stool.


-Protrudes when walking; is bluish-red.

Calcarea c.6.

-Chronic cases in children.


-Chronic cases in adults; worse when walking.

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