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TASTE DISORDERED or LOST.-Loss of taste is a frequent accompaniment of cold in the head, and it usually passes off with the cold. Indigestion is accountable for the bad taste that some people experience in the morning, and various other derangements of taste.

General Treatment.-When the taste is disordered great care should be taken with the teeth. They should be cleaned after each meal, or at least night and morning. All rich and fat food should be avoided. Medicines.-(Every few hours.)

Natrum mur. 6.

-Loss of taste after a cold; food tastes bitter; the taste of food eaten remains long in the mouth.

Mercurius 6.

-Bread tastes sweet; salty, sweet, or taste of bad eggs in the mouth; bitter taste in the morning; food has no flavour.

Pulsatilla 3.

-Earthy taste; loss of taste.

Nux. 3.

-Bad taste in the mouth in the morning; food and drink taste sour; sour, bitter taste; bad odour from the mouth.

Calcarea 6.

-Offensive, sour taste.

Sulph. 6.

-Bitter, pasty, bilious, metallic; like vinegar; taste of blood.

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John Henry Clarke

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