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TOBACCO, ILL EFFECTS OF.-Tobacco is a poison which may produce either acute or chronic effects. In those not used to it, it causes vomiting, nausea, prostration, and fainting which may be fatal. Those who indulge in the drug habitually, whether smoking, snuffing, or chewing, suffer from the chronic effect of the drug, or “Nicotism,” as it has been called.

This takes many forms. In some it causes blindness; in others weakness of the heart, and in others indigestion and wasting; and of each of these there are varying degrees of intensity. Some suffer from great nervousness only. Cancer of tongue and throat has often been traced to smoking.

General Treatment.-The obvious remedy for tobacco-poisoning in all forms is to avoid tobacco. But often this is not easy, and sometimes the damage done is so great that leaving off the drug is not enough to remedy the disease.

Medicines.-(Every few hours.)


-This is very useful when the craving comes on. The ordinary camphor pilules sold by homoeopathic pharmacists are the best. One of these taken in the mouth when the craving for tobacco is felt will give relief.

Nux. v. 3 is the best antidote to the chronic effects of tobacco- nervousness, dyspepsia, nausea, constipation.

Pulsatilla 3.

-For illness brought on by tobacco in those not used to it.

Spigelia 3.

-For heart distress.

Phosphorus 3.

-For blindness.

Arsen. 3.

-For restlessness and nervous prostration.

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