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INVOLUNTARY EMISSION OF URINE-WETTING THE BED.- This is an affection of childhood and old age chiefly. The emission may occur in children whilst running or playing, but most frequently it happens in sleep. The cruel practice adopted by some parents of beating their children for it cannot be too severely condemned. It is a disease for which the child is in no way responsible, and not a vice. Children who suffer in this way must avoid all foods which tend to increase the amount of water secreted, as melons, asparagus, cucumber, celery; also all acids and fatty foods,beer,tea, or coffee. In the morning they may take milk with water or cocoa, but not at night. Water itself is good for them,as it diminishes the acidity of the urine. Butter is good for them at night, but they must not be allowed to go to bed immediately after supper. They should also be taken up to urinate one or two hours after going to bed.

Medicines.-(In the morning on waking, and half an hour before going to bed.)

Pulsatilla 3.

-Tender,delicate children, inclined to weep,easily turn pale or red; if fat food disagrees with them, urine offensive, lying upon the back in sleep.

Nux v.3.

-Children who are easily made angry,obstinate; offensive urine


– If the children do not sleep on the back, or but seldom; self-willed, lively children who cry easily, who sleep with the arms over the head,or with the head bent backwards, or lie on the belly; particularly if the urine passes also during the day, especially when standing; or if the water passes often and in great quantities, and is pale and watery; in children who perspire easily and take cold easily.

Calcarea 6.

-Stout fat children, who drink much and perspire easily, especially the head perspiring at night;frequently urinating during the day, and passing little at a time. After Sulph.

Sulph. 6.

-Cases which resist other well-indicated remedies. Thin children with large bodies, constantly unwell; fond of sugar and sharp foods, do not like to be washed.

Caust 6.

-Useful also in the incontinence of older people. The urine passes when sneezing, coughing,or walking; or during the first sleep at night. Children with black hair and eyes.

Forum 6.

– For adults as well as children. Urine passed involuntarily during the day. Thin, chilly children with cold hands and feet,sleeping all day, dream much, and do not like to get up in the morning; constant running from the nose; get a cough or diarrhoea every time they take cold.

Cina 3.

-When there are worms, and the characteristic symptoms of the condition.

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