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WATER-BRASH (PYROSIS).-This is an affection consisting of a severe spasmodic pain at the pit of the stomach, followed by the eructation of a quantity of watery fluid which gives relief. It is similar to heartburn, but in the latter there is more burning and less spasm,and the fluid ejected is generally very acrid. There is, however, no very marked distinction between the two, which are often combined in the same patient. The fluid probably originates in the mucous glands of the stomach near its outlet (or pyloric orifice), where there is sometimes found to be thickening in patients who have suffered much from the complaint.

General Treatment.-When the affection is combined with symptoms of disordered digestion the measures advised under DYSPEPSIA will have to be observed. A draught of cold water in the morning is sometimes helpful. The use of alkalies and alkaline drinks must be avoided.


Pulsatilla 3.

-In persons of the blonde type, with mild dispositions. When there is chilliness. After eating pork or rich food.

Veratrum 3.

-Great coldness and violent pains in the stomach.

Bryonia 3.

-After eating too much; with pain at the pit of the stomach.


-After ice-cream; burning in the stomach; agitation,thirst.

Nux 3.

-Headache,heaviness in the stomach,nausea.

China 3.

-When the symptoms come on especially after eating.

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