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-An affection generally but not invariably an attendant of parturition, characterised by tense swelling of one or other leg, generally the left, heat and pain. But the swelling is not red, but white;and there is no pitting. The probable cause is inflammation of some of the deeper veins and lymphatic vessels of the limb causing obstruction. BEfore the affection sets in the woman is generally very irritable and feels weak, then transient pains in the region of the uterus. Very soon an extremely cute pain in the calf is complained of, extending to inside of heel and up to the ham. Swelling rapidly sets in. The acute stage lasts two or three days, and may even last for several weeks. Recovery is the rule, though stiffness of the limb may remain for a long time.

General Treatment.-The diet should be low and unstimulating while there is fever and constitutional disturbance, but that has subsided more generous diet may be given. The limb should be supported and swathed in cotton wool.

Medicines.-(Every hour or two in the acute stage.)




-Pain and tenderness along the vein trunks; chilly but does not like to be covered.

Hamamelis I -IF Pulsatilla is insufficient.

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