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WHITLOW.-This is an inflammation affecting the deep tissues of the last joint of the finger or thumb. A superficial inflammation of the finger-ends about the nails forming blisters is sometimes called by this name, but erroneously. The matter formed in whitlow is in close connection with the bone, among the fibrous tissues covering the bone, and,unless speedily relieved,it may cause destruction of the bone itself.

General Treatment.-Apply wet cloths,either hot or cold, whichever give the most relief. Painting the finger with 3x dilution of Phosphorus will sometimes abort the disease. IF suppuration occurs and the disease is progressing, a free incision must be made right down to the bone, that the matter may escape. But generally the disease can be promptly arrested and brought to a favourable termination by homoeopathic remedies. The wound must be dressed with Calendula lotion

Medicines.-(Every hour until relief is obtained)

Mercurius 6.

-At the beginning. It will often prevent suppuration.


-After Mercurius to complete the cure. Sulph and Silica given alternately at long intervals (one dose of each a week) will remove the tendency to whitlow.

Hepar 6.

-Pain violent,throbbing, swelling increasing.


-After Hepar,if this gives no relief.

Silica 6.

-If Hepar has relieved a little, but not averted the progress of the disease. To remove the tendency,see Sulph.


-Deep red or bluish colour of the part.


-The sore angry-looking or black,with burning pain.

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