Abdominal pain

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Sometimes the bowels are the seat of pain when there is no inflammation present. The pain may be due to various causes, as colds, indiscretions in diet, or accumulation of wind.

General Treatment.-The patient must be kept perfectly quiet, and the lightest food given, as thin gruel or barley-water, until the pain is gone, and hot, dry flannels applied to the abdomen.

Medicines.-(Every hour.)

Aconite 3.-

When the pain has been caused by a chill.

Chamomilla 6.-

Violent tearing, twisting pain, the patient cannot be quiet. It seems as if there was a large ball in the side.

Pulsatilla 3.-

From disordered stomach after eating pork or rich pastry; worse afternoon, evening, or night; wind rolls about.

Nux. vom. 3.-

From undigested food, with constipation. See also COLIC.

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