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(Also see Bladder, diseases of).

Benzoic acid, irritable bladder, strong odor 10.

Benzoate of sodium, 19.

Bismuth, with acid stomach, 65.

Calcarea phos., excess of phosphates, 72.

Camphor, strangury, collapsed state, 76.

Cantharis, frequent, painful, 79-80.

Citrate of potash, uric acid crystals and calculi, 34.

Gelsemium, profuse, hysterical, 118.

Juniper, scanty, suppressed, 145.

Lycopodium, 146-147.

Nitric acid, dyspepsia, acid urine, 24.

Pilocarpine, frequent, painful urging, 167.

Sodium phosphate, to alkalinize and increase flow of urine.

Stramonium, retention from spasm, 187.

Urotropine, micro-organisms, painful, eight to twelve grains t. i. d.

Water should generally be very freely drunk.

(See Incontinence of Urine).

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