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Alum, spasmodic, 35.

Ammonium chloride, thick, abundant secretion, 37.

Antimonium tart, bronchi loaded with mucus, 42.

Asafoetida, sympathetic, 55.

Chronic bronchitis, change of climate,

Cinchona, suffocative with stitches, 91.

Cod-liver oil, chronic cases.

Creosote, winter cough, chronic 107.

Dionin, in syrup of Virginian prune, 1/32 to 1/8 gr.

Dover’s powder, dry hacking cough.

Gelsemium, nervous hysteria, 118.

Iodide of potash, chronic bronchitis, 141.

Ipecac, much mucus, 143-144.

Iodine, the tincture with menthol inhaled from hot water. Nitric acid, chronic, with gastric irritation. 24.

Opium, dry, hacking, spasmodic, 158-159.

Phosphorus, dry, with tension in chest, 162.

Rhus tox., in typhoid pneumonia, 178.

Santonin, worse at night, 181.

Strychnia, feeble heart, 152.

Sulphur, chronic, profuse expectoration, 189.

Terebene, winter.

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