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This bacillus is so named because it mutates almost as soon as it is sub-cultured from a non-lactose to a lactose fermenter and is of interest mainly from a bacteriological point of view as the Bacillus Mutable is an intermediary form between the B. Coli and the true non-lactose fermenting type.

Its associated remedy is Pulsatilla and the nosode Mutabile (Bach) is likely to be of value of treatment where there is alteration of symptoms, e.g. where skin eruption alternates with asthmatic symptoms.

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John Paterson

John Paterson 1890 – 1954 was an orthodox physician who converted to homeopathy. John Paterson was a Microbiologist, who was married to Elizabeth Paterson, also a Microbiologist. They both worked at the Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital and at the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital.
John Paterson was President of International Homeopathic Medical League in 1939.
John Paterson wrote The Bowel Nosodes, and he was responsible for introducing them into British homeopathy n the 1920s.

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