Miscellaneous Human Maladies

Last modified on January 12th, 2019

Miscellaneous Human Maladies

THE causative chemical blood association between such pathologies as cysts, localized fibrosis (whether in the uterus or the optic lens), cancer, renal calculi, together with the knowledge of the almost universal “Sodium habit” in civilization and its inevitable blood chemical unbalance through sodium carbonate excess, must cause a complete re-orientation of the medical scientific mind when dealing with human conditions of morbidity and mortality.

Urinary and blood chemical-analysis for sodium carbonate must become a routine practice in medicine, no matter what may be the apparently localized or systemic pathology. A knowledge of the physiological consequences of excessive blood-soda by its action on the calcium, potassium, magnesium and other blood chemical contents makes an investigation for the presence of excessive blood-sodium, in such clinical cases as failing function of the myocardium, a diagnostic necessity. The diagnosis of a dysfunction is simple but is insufficient if the duty of the medical practitioner to suffering humanity is to be fulfilled. The patient with failing cardiac function and the number of these in all civilized communities is colossal-cardiac failure being the chief cause of civilization mortality-does not need to be told his heart function is failing-all he wants when he seeks medical advice is a knowledge of how to prevent further loss of function, and how if possible to regain the function already lost. This is impossible with drugs-their failure over decades of time has been evidenced by a mounting mortality and invalidism. Nothing can be permanently removed or prevented-whether it be cardiac failure, fibroid growths, headaches, renal and gall calculi, cancer, etc., unless the causes are prevented and removed. The surgical removal of any of the localized pathological lesions, the drug treatment of any of the organ dysfunctions, whether intestinal constipation or cardiac failure, etc., only permits the blood chemical-source of the causes of these conditions to continue to its inevitable fatal climax.

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Edward Henty Smalpage

Edward Henty Smalpage (1895-1962), was an Australian doctor. He netered medical school at Sydney at age 16. He went into Military service after that. After leaving services on medical grounds (epilepsy), he cleared FRCS from England in 1921. In 1940 he published the book Cancer, it's Cause, Prevention and Cure.

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