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ALUMINA signs and symptoms from the Characteristic Materia Medica by William Burt of the homeopathic medicine ALUMINA


This is a prominent ganglionic, or antipsoric; it especially acts upon the ganglionic nervous system that presides over the functions of the mucous membranes, producing great dryness of their secretions, more especially that of the colon and rectum.

It also has more or less action upon the motor nervous system, as shown by the complete prostration of the whole animal system during menstruation.


Mind.-Thinks his mind is some one else’s.

Groans at night and says it is not him and wants them to stop.

As soon as she sees blood, or a knife, wants to kill herself.-J.S.DOUGLAS.

Stupid, thinks he is falling forward.-J.S.DOUGLAS.

Head.–Excessive dryness of the scalp; it goes to sleep; feels light, and the hair falls out.–J.S. DOUGLAS.

Disposition to take cold in the head.–J.S. DOUGLAS.

Semi-lateral affections of the head; old rheumatic affections always appearing on the same side.

Affections of the external ears.

Acrid secretions from the nose.

Digestive Organs.–Constriction of the oesophagus, when swallowing; food is felt until it enters the stomach.–D.

Better after warm drinks.

Great dryness of the throat.

Specific for painter’s colic.

Constipation, from great dryness of the mucous follicles of the rectum, with long lasting pain in the rectum.

Great inactivity of the rectum; even a soft stool can only be passed by great pressing and straining.

Diarrhoea, from acidity of the primae viae; in children the stools are green.

Urinary Organs.–She cannot pass her urine without straining at stool; she has to strain at stool to pass her urine. This is a sure key to the use of Alumina.

Sexual Organs.–Profuse, transparent, acrid leucorrhoea, running down to the heels in large quantities.

Profuse acrid leucorrhoea, with great debility, aggravated by walking.

Abundant discharge of mucus before the menses, which are delayed, scanty and pale.

Profuse, transparent leucorrhoea only in the day time.

After the menses, she is so weak in body and mind, that a little exercise prostrates her.

This prostration after menstruation is a very prominent symptom.

During menstruation, corroding urine is frequently passed day and night.

Stitches in the left side of the vulva, extending up as far as the chest, with throbbing pains in the vagina.

Bearing-down pains, as though everything would fall through the vagina.–J.S. DOUGLAS.

Hardness of the testicles, in men that have had gonorrhoea.

Chest.–Tearing cough; every turn of cough being accompanied by involuntary emission of urine, which reduced the patient to despair.

Pain in the back as if a hot iron were thrust through the lower vertebrae.-.

Copious mucous expectoration.

Rheumatic, and traumatic paralysis in gouty subjects.__DR.


Chronic diseases which occur in dry, thin subjects, and people.-.

Worse on alternate days; in a warm-room, and in the evening.

Better in the open air.

Has frequent relapses.

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