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AMBRA GRISEA signs and symptoms from the Characteristic Materia Medica by William Burt of the homeopathic medicine AMBRA GRISEA


This is a cerebro-spinal remedy, and has a special and peculiar action upon that part of the animal system that presides over the generative organs, producing a state of the motor and sensitive nervous systems similar to hysteria. For nervous and hysterical diseases this is one of our very best remedies.


Generative Organs.–Extremely nervous hysterical females, subject to nightly leucorrhoea.Discharge of thick, bluish-white mucus from the vagina only at night.

Discharge of blood between the periods, at every little accident; for instance after a very hard stool, or after a walk a little longer than usual.

Stitches in the ovarian region, when drawing in the abdomen, or pressing upon it.

Pains as from soreness and violent itching; the vulva swollen.

During urination there is a burning, smarting itching, and titillation of the vulva, and urethra.

Too frequent and too profuse menstruation, that exhausts the nervous energies, and produces hysteria.

Hysteria with fainting fits, with dry, spasmodic cough.

Frequent micturition of copious, pale urine.

Spasmodic choking.

Choking and vomiting can hardly be avoided when hawking up phlegm from the fauces.–RAUE.

Great langour in the morning.

Sleep disturbed by coldness of the body and twitching in the limbs.

Hastiness and nervous excitement when talking.

Spasms of the facial muscles.

Nervous vertigo to which old people are subject.-.

One-sided complaints (perspiration, tearing numbness, sensation of coldness in the abdomen.)–.

Especially adapted to lean people.

Symptoms worse evenings, and better in the open air.

Spasmodic cough, in elderly emaciated people, with abundant eructations accompanying the cough.–DUNHAM.

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