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ASAFOETIDA signs and symptoms from the Characteristic Materia Medica by William Burt of the homeopathic medicine ASAFOETIDA


Through the cerebro-spinal system, it especially affects the sexual organs of women, producing a state similar or hysteria.

Acts powerfully upon the ovaries and mammae. Increases the secretions of the gastro-intestinal canal. Its action upon the bones indicates that it also affects the organic nervous system.


Hysterical spasms, with much trouble about the oesophagus.

Every excitement that brings on hysterical symptoms, points to the oesophagus.

Sensation of pressure, as if a body or lump were ascending in the oesophagus, obliging frequent deglutition-G.

This feeling in the oesophagus causes great difficulty in breathing,.

Stitches in the oesophagus, preceded by burning.

Darting upwards towards the oesophagus, from the chest.- Most pains are accompanied by numbness in the affected parts,- RAUE.

Excessive sensibility with great excitability.

Eructation, of gas, smelling like garlic, or faeces.

Accumulation of gas, constantly pressing upwards, none downwards.-RAUE.

Pulsations in the pit of the stomach.

Watery liquid stools of the most disgusting smell, or constipation.

Generative Organs of Women.-Leucorrhoea, profuse, greenish, thin and offensive.

Menses scanty and too early.

Mammae become turgid with milk, in those who are not pregnant, as during the ninth month.

Hysteria where the throat symptoms predominate, with all kinds of spasms, and nervous excitability, such as fits of great joy and laughter, or anxious sadness; constant change of position; flushes in the face, &c., &c.

Particularly adapted to nervous hysterical scrofulous individuals, with venous, hemorrhoidal constitution, and phlegmatic temperament.

Mothers who have a deficiency of milk, with hyper- sensitiveness of the whole system.

Generalities.-Scrofulous caries of the bones; the ulcer has high hard edges, bleeds easily, is sensitive, with a profuse, greenish, thin offensive discharge, accompanied with an hysterical temperament.

Important also in some forms of tertiary syphilis, especially mercurio-syphilitic affections of the bones and wrist joints.-F.

Painfulness of the bones, with softening and swelling of the bone periosteum.

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