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ASPARAGUS OFFICINALIS signs and symptoms from the Characteristic Materia Medica by William Burt of the homeopathic medicine ASPARAGUS OFFICINALIS


Through the cerebro-spinal nervous system, it especially acts upon the convoluted tubes of the kidneys, increasing the secretion of urine at first, and then diminishing it.


These are unknown; but prominent symptoms for its use are: Countenance pale, wax-like, and bloated.

General expression of anxiety and distress.

Urine scanty: straw-colored and offensive to the smell.- MARCY and HUNT.

Frequent painful micturition.-MARCY and HUNT.

Pains in the kidneys just under the false ribs.-MARCY.

Especially adapted to hydrothorax and general dropsy, where the kidneys are more or less involved.-MARCY and HUNT.

Palpitation of the heart at night.-MARCY.

Fullness of the chest.-MARCY and HUNT.

Rapid, laborious, and sighing respiration.

Feeble and irregular pulse.-MARCY and HUNT.

Fretful and feverish.-MARCY and HUNT.

Great languor, and disinclination to physical or mental labor.-MARCY and HUNT.

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