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CANNABIS SATIVA signs and symptoms from the Characteristic Materia Medica by William Burt of the homeopathic medicine CANNABIS SATIVA


Through the cerebro-spinal system it acts especially on the mucous membranes of the bladder, urethra and prepuce, and the lungs. Its action on the brain is powerful and marked.



Gonorrhoea, after the acute inflammation has been reduced by Aconite, no remedy can equal Cannabis sativa. Violent burning pain in the urethra, during and after urination.

Great swelling of the prepuce, approaching to phymosis.- FRANKLIN.

The glands and prepuce are dark red.

Light red spots on the glands, as large as a lentil.-TESTE.

When a patient comes into the office walking very slowly, with his legs stretched apart, and says he has the gonorrhoea, think strongly of Cannabis. He cannot walk with his legs close together, as it hurts his urethra; worse on motion.

While urinating, tearing pain along the urethra, in a zigzag direction.

Severe pain in the kidneys; every few minutes passing bloody urine.

Particularly affects the penis.

Over sexual excitement in either sex.

Impotence from sexual abuse.

Females-Threatened abortion, complicated with gonorrhoea.

Threatened abortion on account of too frequent sexual intercourse.

Dimness of the cornea; opacities; cataract.

Frequent, teasing, hard, dry cough.-TESTE.

Dr. D.S. Smith has great confidence in this remedy for consumption.

Sensation as of dropping, as though cold water was dropping over the heart, or over the head, etc.

Sensation of fatigue; warmth; jerks or pushes in the abdomen, as though a living being was there.

Affections of the ball of the foot or under part of the toes.

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