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CAULOPHYLLUM THALICTROIDES signs and symptoms from the Characteristic Materia Medica by William Burt of the homeopathic medicine CAULOPHYLLUM THALICTROIDES


Acts upon the cerebro-spinal system; affecting especially the female generative organs, through the motor and sentient nervous system.

Through the spinal nerves it has a specific action upon the muscular system, and small joints, metacarpal, tarsal, metatarsal, and all the phalangeal joints.



Especially affects the uterine motor nerves, so as to cause painful contractions and menorrhagia, and metrorrhagia.

Menstrual irregularities; the pains and sufferings are of a spasmodic character; scanty flow; sympathetic cramps and spasms of neighboring organs; as the bladder, rectum and bowels.-HALE.

The motor power of the uterus seems almost entirely gone.- HALE.

The menstrual flow is retarded, from a simple lack of the excito-motor force, either in the Fallopian tubes or the parietes of the uterus itself.-HALE.

Hemorrhage; due to deficient contractibility or deficient involution of the uterine tissues.-HALE.

Uterine hemorrhage, with a tremulous weakness felt over the entire body during the flow.

Passive hemorrhages; an oozing from the lax uterine vessels, from debility of the excito-motor nerves of the uterus.

Deficient, spasmodic labor-pains.-HALE.

Abortion; the pains are irregular and spasmodic.

Protracted lochia, from the atony of the uterus.-DR.KREBS.

Reflex paraplegia, from an abnormal state of the uterus.- HALE.

Complete insomnia.-LUDLAM.

In hysterical women, with rheumatism of the uterus, and many spasmodic symptoms.-HALE.

Articular, inflammatory rheumatism of the small joints in women.

Rheumatism of the wrists and hands.-F.

Hysterical spasms of the chest and larynx.

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