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CHELIDONIUM MAJUS signs and symptoms from the Characteristic Materia Medica by William Burt of the homeopathic medicine CHELIDONIUM MAJUS


Through the cerebro-spinal nervous system it especially acts upon the liver and digestive organs; also affects the skin quite prominently.

Has a powerful action upon the sentient nervous system and in many points resembles the action of Aconite.

Upon the lungs, through the vagi, it produces congestion and inflammation, sometimes going on to hepatization; the mucous membrane is also involved, producing broncho-pneumonia.

The liver is powerfully affected by this remedy.

Dr. Buchmann’s proving gives us the following symptoms: Pain both acute and dull, and tenderness of the liver; pain in the right shoulder; stools either soft and bright yellow, or whitish and costive.

Deeply tinged urine appeared in all the provings.

In three the skin became yellow or dark; and in one regular jaundice set in. It has cured numerous cases of jaundice, gall- stones, acute and chronic hepatitis.

Upon the kidneys the renal irritation is so great that in one case an examination of the urine showed the presence of tube- casts, of increased uric acid, and diminished chloride of sodium.

The mischief in this case was so considerable that oedematous swellings of the extremities occurred.-.

It also acts upon the diaphragm.



Constant pain under the lower inner angel of the right shoulder blade.

Bilious or gastric pneumonia, with lungs of full of mucus, from paralysis of the pneumogastric nerve; cheeks dark red.

Long-continued cough, with rattling mucus.

Spasmus glottidis.

Violent, spasmodic, straining cough, with profuse lachrymation; comes in paroxysms, with burning, shooting pains.

This remedy seems to have had specific action upon the vagi, and all diseases that call for its use have more or less irritation of this nerve.

Digestive Organs.–Nausea causes great heat of the body.

White or yellow coating of the tongue.

Loathing of food.

Gastric or bilious diarrhoea; stools slimy grayish-yellow or watery.

Very apt to have hepatic disease, with jaundice and pain in the right shoulder, with dark colored and green urine.

Stools like sheep’s dung.

Bloating in the region of the liver, stomach and spleen, with hardness and painfulness on pressure.

Acute and chronic hepatitis.

Gall-stones, with hepatodynia, and general jaundice.

Pain in the whole region of the liver, relieved by eating.

Urine dark colored and deeply tinged; green with bile.

Generalities.–Retarded menstruation, but when the menses do come on they continue too long.

Must close the eyes, and is alleviated thereby, without photophobia.

A dazzling spot seemed to be before the eyes, and when he looked into it the eye watered.–HAHNEMANN.

Severe neuralgia of the head and eyes.

The least touch on any part of the body in rheumatism gives intense pain.–T.S. HOYNE, M.D.

Adapted to neuralgias, inflammations, and infectious diseases, as whooping-cough.

Acts best in melancholic, choleric temperaments. Why? Because the functions of the liver and stomach are perverted.

In diseases calling for this remedy, the patient will have the functions of the pneumogastric nerve more or less perverted.

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