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CHIMAPHILA UMBELLATA signs and symptoms from the Characteristic Materia Medica by William Burt of the homeopathic medicine CHIMAPHILA UMBELLATA


Through the vegetative nervous system it especially acts upon the mucous membrane of the urinary organs, particularly that of the bladder. Dr. Hale seems to think it has the power of producing atrophy of the mammae, but this has to be proven yet.



Great quantities of mucus in the urine.

Vesical tenesmus, with frequent inclination to urinate.

Chronic renal and vesical affections, with an enormous amount of thick, ropy, mucous sediment in the urine; sometimes it is mixed with blood.–HALE.

In many scrofulous ulcers it has acted rapidly, making brilliant cures; some have claimed to have cured cancers with it.

Cataract is supposed to have been cured by this remedy; but it is in diseases of the kidneys and bladder I have seen its most wonderful action.

Dropsy has often been curd with this remedy in the hands of the Allopaths; this ought to make us think of it in those diseases.

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