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COLCHICUM AUTUMNALE signs and symptoms from the Characteristic Materia Medica by William Burt of the homeopathic medicine COLCHICUM AUTUMNALE


Acts especially upon the cerebro-spinal centres; and terminates in a violent inflammation, of a choleraic character, in the mucous membrane of the gastro-intestinal canal. The spinal vaso-motor of the intestinal tract. Also affects the kidneys, liver, heart, and salivary glands.



Arthritic, or rheumatic diathesis.

Rheumatic pericarditis and rheumatism in the small joints, rheumatic pains that frequently change about; they are of a tearing nature, and generally in the muscles.

Gout; this is the real specific for this painful disease.

The pulse is slightly irritated, affected parts exceedingly painful, skin looks rose-colored and leaves a white spot under the pressure of the fingers.

In warm weather these tearing pains are principally felt at the surface of the body; as the air grows colder they seem to penetrate the deeper tissues and bones.-TESTE.

Digestive Organs.-Arthritic or neuralgic inflammation of the intestinal canal, where the mucous membrane is principally involved.

Sudden sinking of the vital forces; if the patient is raised up, the head falls backwards, the mouth opens to its widest extent.-RAUE.

Sero-mucous vomiting and rice-water stools, thrown off with great force, with cramps of the abdominal muscles, flexors of the arms and feet, and sunken features.

Cold surface, tongue and breath, mottled skin and bluish nails.

Urine dark and scanty; discharged in drops, depositing a whitish sediment.

Generative Organs.-Dropsy of the uterus, from suppression of the menses.

Chest.-Dry, hacking cough, with burning and feeling of constriction across the chest.

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