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COLLINSONIA CANADENSIS signs and symptoms from the Characteristic Materia Medica by William Burt of the homeopathic medicine COLLINSONIA CANADENSIS


Through the spinal nerves it has a special action upon the whole intestinal canal, but more especially upon the small intestines and rectum. The liver, kidneys and heart, are also affected by it.


The. grand sphere for Collinsonia is in neurosis of the bowels, where pain is one of the most prominent symptoms; and especially in diseases of the rectum; such as constipation, hemorrhoids, diarrhoea and dysentery.

Obstinate and habitual constipation, associated with hemorrhoids.-DR. FOWLER.

This is the best remedy we have for old obstinate cases of hemorrhoids. I have now cured many such cases, by giving one and two drop doses of the tincture morning and night until cured; the attenuations might do as well, but I doubt it.

Severe weight in the rectum, with an intense irritation, itching, and a sensation in the rectum as if sticks, sand or gravel had lodged there.-HALE.

Constipation, stools lumpy and light colored, with straining and dull pain in the anus.-B.

It is in constipation and hemorrhoids, from congestive inertia of the lower bowels, that Collinsonia proves such a precious remedy, especially in the latter months of pregnancy.

In large doses it irritates, the rectum so much to set up a diarrhoea, soon running on into dysentery. It has not been used to any extent in complaints of this kind, but in proctitis and rectal dysentery it should rival aloes.

In chronic diarrhoea, it has given me excellent results.

Stools are all preceded and followed by severe pains in the hypogastrium.-BURT.

Severe colicky pains in the hypogastrium every few minutes, with fainting, has to sit down to get relief.-BURT.

Pains in the epigastrium, in constipation and piles.-PROF.


Stools of mucus, or mucus and blood, or pure blood, with more or less tenesmus.-BURT.

Copious watery stools with nausea and fainting.-BURT.

Hemorrhages, blood dark and tough, enveloped in viscid phlegm; previous discharge of blood per anum, subsequent costiveness.-DR. SIEBOLD.

In cardiac diseases, where hemorrhoids and constipation are the most prominent symptoms, this remedy is of great value.

Pruritus vulvae has been often cured by this remedy.

I hope physicians will try this remedy more for hemorrhoids and constipation, more than they have, for it is probably the best remedy we have for these diseases.

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