Category - Chronic Miasms and Pseudopsora by J. H. Allen

This is a compilation of the two separate volumes of Sir J. H. Allen’s original work on The Chronic Miasms & enlists useful case references with detailed explanation of the Miasms. Originally published in 1908, this book contains both the volumes of The Chronic Miasms written by Dr. J. H. Allen. The first one being Psora & Pseudo-Psora, which deals with basic symptoms of Psora, its rubrics, role of vital force in health and disease, mixed miasms, diathesis, ways in which suppression takes place, idiosyncrasies, mental spheres of the miasms, relations of miasms to pathology, predispositions, Tubercular miasm and distinguishing features of the two miasms and most importantly their cure. John Henry Allen (1854-1925) was a student of H.C. Allen. He was the president of the IHA in 1900. Dr. Allen taught at the Hering Medical College in Chicago.