Hydrocyanic Acid

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Dr. S.R. Phatak describes the clinically confirmed symptoms of the homeopathic remedy Hydrocyanic Acid in his Concise Materia Medica, published in 1977.


      Rapidly acting most deadly poison; producing convulsions, paralysis, collapse, cramps everywhere. Effects are sudden; spasms, collapse, apoplexy. Lacks reaction. Lightning like jerks from head to feet. Evacuations cease suddenly, sinks down unconscious. Prolonged faints. Bluishness. Epileptic attacks preceded by nausea and vomiting or waterbrash. Catalepsy. Intense coldness.


      Full moon. Suppressions. Storms.


      Unconscious. Fear of imaginary troubles; of death, house falling, horses, cars etc.; of crossing the street, even when the vehicle is at a considerable distance. Loud involuntary screams; before convulsions.


      Intense cerebral congestion; brain feels on fire. As if a cloud were going over his brain.


      Distorted and half open. Eyeballs fixed.


      Pale, or bluish; looks old. Cramps in masseters, jaws clenched in rigid spasm. Lips pale or bluish. Froths at mouth. Frightful contortion of muscles.


      Dry. Taste; pussy, metallic, astringent. Tongue cold.


      Noisy swallowing drink rumbles through throat and stomach. Spasms, or paralysis of oesophagus.


      Great sinking at pit of stomach. Anorexia. Cholera. Burning from navel to oesophagus; chronic dyspepsia.


      Breathing slow irregular, gasping. Asphyxia. Dry tickling night cough. Asthma; with choking in the throat. Convulsions, with whooping cough.


      Clutches at the heart as if in distress. Heart failure; compression at heart. Pulse; failing, weak, irregular, unequal, with occasional strong beats. Blood vessels distended; writhing in them. Angina, severe pain.

Neck and Back

      Muscles of the dorsal region are contracted. Hands icy cold.


      Yawning, with shivering. Drowsiness. Coma vigil.


      Icy coldness; worse hands.


      Bluish eruptions.


      Agar; Cupr; Laur.

About the author

S.R. Phatak

S.R. Phatak

A pioneer of Homoeopathy in Maharashtra, Dr Shankar Raghunath Phatak was born on 6th September, 1896. He did his MBBS from Grant Medical College, in 1924. Started his practice but somehow not satisfied with Allopathic Treatment.

He was convinced about Homoeopathy while going through Sir William Osler's writings on 'History of Medicine' so switched over to an entirely Homoeopathic Practice in 1932. He also started working on Homoeopathic literature along with his Practice.

He has contributed immensely to homoeopathic literature. He was an ardent follower of Dr Boger. His Repertory is based on Boger's ''A Synoptic key to Materia Medica'.

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