Oleum Animale

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Dr. S.R. Phatak describes the clinically confirmed symptoms of the homeopathic remedy Oleum Animale in his Concise Materia Medica, published in 1977.


      This volatile oil was prepared by Dippel first by distillation of stags’ horn. It affects the NERVES esp. pneumogastric nerve; digestive organs. Symptoms appear here and there or in single parts. Affected part feels sore. Tremulous weakness; of hands, knees, feet etc. Pain in spots. Stitches; burning pains, as with red hot needles. Pulled upward and from behind forward pains; in malar bones, testicles; mammae etc. Icy coldness; from tips of teeth, in throat, stomach etc. Shuffling gait. Urinous; eructations, leucorrhoea etc. Flesh feels torn from bones. Ill effects of suppressions esp. of foot sweat. Neurasthenia.


      Cold. Eating. Suppressions. Menses. Hot drinks. Noise. 2 to 9 p.m.


      Rubbing. Pressure. Stretching. Open air. Changing position. Eructation.


      Indolent; inclined to sit. Nervous irritability. Sad; introverted; absorbed in self; speaks in whispers. Vanishing thoughts. Faintness; from gastric origin.


      Pain in spots. Migraine with polyuria. Vertigo from gastric origin, better bending head backwards.


      Glistening bodies before eyes. Lachrymation on eating. A skin seems to overhang the eyes. Twitching of lids.


      Malar bones feel pulled up. Twitching lips. White of an egg seems dried on lips. Swelling beneath right lower jaw.


      Toothache better pressing teeth together, with sensation of coldness coming out from tips. Mouth feels greasy. Snow-white cottony saliva. Tongue sore as if scalded. Bites cheek while eating.


      Sore, dry,; constricted; empty swallowing difficult though food and drink pass easily. As if cold air penetrates the throat. Hawks out, gluey, brown lumps. Acrid vapour or raw streak in throat; worse cough.


      Water-brash; better chewing tobacco. Pulsation or as of water in stomach. Sensation of coldness (as of a lump of ice), burning, constriction, better eructation. Urinous eructations.


      Flatulence and rumbling.


      Profuse, pale urine; of fish brine odour; worse hysteria; migraine. Frequent scanty urine, then headache. Greenish urine. Small stream of urine.


      Seminal losses; on straining at stool. Testes; swollen, alternately; feel pulled up forcibly upward and seized. Neuralgia of spermatic cord. Pressure in perineum. Prostate hypertrophy.


      Menses; early, scanty; black flow. Sore mammae before menses; outward stitches in nipples; in scirrhus. Stitches in breast from behind forwards. Urinous leucorrhoea.


      Asthma from suppressed foot sweat. Stitches at clavicle.


      Anxious palpitation. Pulse slow.


      Aching scapula (right) better pressure. Sprained feeling in sacrum. Unsteady gait. Cracking in cervical vertebrae on raising the head.


      Excoriation in bends of joints.


      Alternate chill and heat. Cold foul foot sweat; fishy on heels.


      Sulph; Tell.

About the author

S.R. Phatak

S.R. Phatak

A pioneer of Homoeopathy in Maharashtra, Dr Shankar Raghunath Phatak was born on 6th September, 1896. He did his MBBS from Grant Medical College, in 1924. Started his practice but somehow not satisfied with Allopathic Treatment.

He was convinced about Homoeopathy while going through Sir William Osler's writings on 'History of Medicine' so switched over to an entirely Homoeopathic Practice in 1932. He also started working on Homoeopathic literature along with his Practice.

He has contributed immensely to homoeopathic literature. He was an ardent follower of Dr Boger. His Repertory is based on Boger's ''A Synoptic key to Materia Medica'.

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