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Cainca signs and symptoms of the homeopathy medicine from the Dictionary of Practical Materia Medica by J.H. Clarke. Find out for which conditions and symptoms Cainca is used

      Chiococca racemosa. (Brazil.) *N. O. Rubiaceae. Tincture of dried root bark.


Bright’s disease. Cough. Dropsies. Fatigue. Kidneys, pain in. Ophthalmia. Polyuria. Spleen, pain in. Travelling, effects of.


*Cainca is related botanically to *China, *Ipecac., and *Coffea. Clinically it is very like *Apocynum. It has not been used much, but has been given with success in dropsies, especially when associated with dry skin. It removes fatigue from too long riding on horseback. Polyuria while travelling. There is also sensitiveness of the abdomen to touch. Rest better. Motion worse.


*Compare: Apocynum, Bryonia *Antidoted by: Colchicum, Rhus (gastralgia), Veratrum Cainca *follows well: Arsenicum *Similar to: Coffea in relieving effects of fatigue, also Arnica





Inflammation of the eyes with fluent coryza.


Lancinations through spleen region. Abdomen sensitive to touch.

Urinary Organs

Pain in kidney regions in morning, cannot change position. Polyuria, whilst riding. Copious urination after drinking coffee.

Respiratory Organs

Attacks of cough from 7 pm. till 1 a m., with rattling of phlegm and short breath, accumulation of wind in abdomen, which feels like a pair of bellows set in motion, feels it putting hands there. Cough with weeping.


Somnolence, yawning.

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John Henry Clarke

John Henry Clarke MD (1853 – November 24, 1931 was a prominent English classical homeopath. Dr. Clarke was a busy practitioner. As a physician he not only had his own clinic in Piccadilly, London, but he also was a consultant at the London Homeopathic Hospital and researched into new remedies — nosodes. For many years, he was the editor of The Homeopathic World. He wrote many books, his best known were Dictionary of Practical Materia Medica and Repertory of Materia Medica

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