Fragaria Vesca

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Fragaria Vesca signs and symptoms of the homeopathy medicine from the Dictionary of Practical Materia Medica by J.H. Clarke. Find out for which conditions and symptoms Fragaria Vesca is used

      Strawberry. *N. O. Rosacea. Tincture of the ripe fruit. Infusion of the root.


Anasarca. Biliousness. Chilblains. Convulsions. Erysipelas. Gonorrhoea. Pilosis (or Sprue). Tapeworm. *Tongue, *strawberry, swollen. Urticaria. Weaning.


It is well known that many persons are unable to eat strawberries, and the poisonous effects resulting from them on those who are sensitive to their action have been utilized in homoeopathy. Faintness, suffocation like apoplexy, convulsions and death have resulted, general anasarca, and especially swollen tongue. The well-known “strawberry tongue” is an indication for its use. Dr. Burnett gives it as “pippy tongue.” An infusion of the root is used for drying up the breasts in women who wish to wean their children, it diminishes the size of the breasts and dries up the milk. Profuse viscid sweat has been observed. Lippe mentions: “Tapeworm. Pain in chilblains in hot weather.” In old physic *Fragaria vesca (in decoctions of leaves, root, or fruit ripe or unripe, or combinations of these) had a very large place assigned to it. It is commended by W. Salmon as a wash for sore- mouth, as a hemostatic arresting the menses and stopping “bloody- flux,” swelling of the spleen, many forms of skin eruption and for “clearing the complexion.” In two instances I have known indulgence in strawberries to revive symptoms of gonorrhoea in men who thought themselves cured. A number of cases of sprue or pilosis have been cured by a diet of strawberries ad *libitum (*H.W., xxxiv. 440).


*Compare: Hydr-ac., Apis, Arsenicum Crat.



Face reddish blue. Livid countenance.


Tongue swollen so that it hung from the mouth. Pippy or strawberry tongue.

Stomach and Abdomen

Vomiting followed by relief. Stomach and abdomen distended. Violent colic.

Male Sexual Organ

Gonorrhoeal discharge lighted up after long cessation.

Female Sexual Organ

Breasts diminished in size and milk dried up (root).

Respiratory Organs

Attacks of suffocation like apoplexy.


Small intermittent pulse. Failure of the heart’s action and prolonged, leaving the patient weak and languid. (Death occurred later.).

Back and neck

Neck very much distended with fine veins.


Swelling of the whole body. Swelling of the whole body with faintness. Complete prostration. Convulsions.


Petechial eruption. Erysipelatous eruption. Urticaria-like eruption.


Profuse viscous sweat.

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